BubR1 Protein Could Fight Cancer & Aging

BubR1 Protein Could Fight Cancer & Aging

Scientists have discovered a protein that seems to protect animals from cancer and other deficiencies of old age, with no downsides. The research on protein BubR1 could offer clues on how protecting chromosomes can enhance health.

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Why Older People Are More Susceptible to Fraud


Researchers have discovered one of the reasons why it may seem like older people fall victim to financial fraud. Scientists have found out that the human ability to judge trustworthiness of people’s faces diminishes with age.

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Andreas Englund’s Aging Superhero: Punisher Needs Prunes

Have you ever wondered what happened to superheroes when they get older? There have been a few different forays into the subject in comics, but Andreas Englund decided to examine the situation with a bit more flair. His series of aging superhero paintings have popped up all over the place, and I have to say that they are pretty cool.

aging superhero andreas englund retired funny comical design

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