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My Hexapod Robot is Smarter than Your Hexapod Robot

Matt Bunting is a roboticist for the University of Arizona and he built a hexapod robot that uses artificial intelligence programming to learn how to move. In essence, it’s probably the smartest hexapod ‘bot out there.

hexapod robot smart artificial intelligence

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IBM’s Watson: Getting Ready to Beat You At Everything

IBM’s Watson was designed to answer trivia questions. In essence, it’s the perfect Jeopardy player, but there’s more to this than just a TV gameshow.

AI Discussed Over at 3QD

An interesting article that leads to an even more interesting discussing on AIs.

The Bizarre Suicide Of Two AI Pioneers

The bizarre suicide of two AI pioneers.

Pyke And Programming Languages

Here is the new header that I designed for ViralOne. I plan on updating that blog. The design isn’t completed, but it’s also getting me back into design.

Years ago, I studied computer programming. I was a decent programmer and worked for a few years in that domain. It must have been around 5 years.

Currently, my interest in programming has started once again. Honestly, when I started studying programming 1995, I really didn’t what I was getting myself into. It was only later that I really took a keen interest. I used to program in Visual Basic and C++. At the same time, I decided to pursue my interest in mathematics fulltime.

Right now, Python (with Pyke), AJAX, Ruby on Rails have my interest. Since I will be pursuing more scholarly subjects in the coming year, I plan on studying them and learning them as well. Since I have studied computer programming, I think that this will be a good challenge.

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