Dehumidifiers For Basement Rooms & Damp Apartments


Most of our readers are probably suffering from the adverse effects of winter’s cold and dry air right now (see our humidifier roundup). But conversely, there’s one thing that anyone living in a humid environment will appreciate: a good dehumidifier. It’s always surprising to discover the amount of moisture that can be extracted from ambient air, and these machines will keep your basements and apartments smelling clean.


HEPA Air Purifiers For Small Space Apartment Dwellers


As cities get more polluted, it’s never a bad idea to add an air purifier in your apartment, especially if you have sensitive lungs like me. Pollen, cat hairs, and other particulates can easily find their way into your apartment, causing allergies and making it more difficult to get things done. Here are the best air purifiers we’ve found for smaller places.

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People in Less Affluent Neighborhoods Breathe More Hazardous Particles


People living in non-white and low-income communities breathe in more hazardous particles than in affluent white ones. This new study isn’t intended to speak on the racial disparity, but on the widening economic gap when it comes to air pollution.

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Energy Efficient Air Purifiers: Cleaning Air Silenty

112610_rg_EnergyEffAir_01.jpgAir purifiers are becoming more and more common, thanks to people who suffer from allergies. They are also needed in cities that are very polluted. Recently, the US embassy in Beijing ran out of adjectives to describe the air quality, so they came up with crazybad. How bad is crazybad? Pretty bad! That’s why these new energy-efficient air purifiers are nice to have around. On top of that, they are also pretty silent.

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5 Unusual-Looking & Unique Air Purifiers

If you are spending a lot of time indoors because of the pollen, then odds are that hay fever is an issue. Although there’s less pollen in the air in the summer, allergens can be an issue for a lot of people. That’s why we’ve put together this list of interesting air purifiers.

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Patrick Norguet’s Minimal ‘Plain Air’ Air Purifier

Although this might seem like a concept, it isn’t. This interesting-looking air purifier will filter germs and other unwanted particles in the air to make you breathe easier. What’s really great is the overall design of this air purifier. It’s quite unique and unobtrusive.

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Replacing Air Purifiers With Household Plants

Since the air in our cities is becoming more and more polluted, a lot of families have been purchasing air purifiers in order to clean up the air inside their homes. While air purifiers are sometimes needed for health reasons, most of us can just hack those air purifiers and use plants instead.

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