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  • Google Flight Search Expands into Europe

    Getting the cheapest flights is often a concern, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Google Flight Search is a quick and helpful tool for locating the best prices for flyers, but when the service was launched, it was available only for US-based travelers. Google just recently expanded the service to cover more countries. Read more @…

  • Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly

    If you’ve ever wanted to play with an RC helicopter in your house, then this might be the one for you. The Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly is tiny and weighs a mere 3.6 grams, but it’s ready to fly almost anywhere. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • The Recycled Airplane Wing Computer Desk

    It’s rare enough to think about using airplanes in industrial design. It’s even rarer to recycle their parts for furniture. That’s actually a fabulous idea. That’s what Deborah is. A recycled computer desk made out of an aluminum airplane wing. That’s a must for anyone who enjoys the clean lines of airplanes and for the…

  • Jet Lag Is Terminal

    A great article on jet lag in the modern age. (via kottke)