Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Wireless Speaker Dock: The Zeppelin’s Little Cousin

Wireless speakers are all the rage, and plenty of companies are trying to cash into the craze. Bowers & Wilkins just announced a smaller, less-expensive alternative to their popular Zeppelin Air wireless speaker.

bowers wilkins z2 dock speaker iphone

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JBL SoundFly: Packing Tunes in the Corner of Your Room

After having played around with a couple of wireless speakers, I have to admit that I like them. The wireless JBL SoundFly is somewhat diminutive, but it packs enough power to let you listen to your music in almost any room.

jbl soundfly air

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Bowers & Wilkins A5 & A7 AirPlay Speakers: Ready for Your New iPhone

It sure sucks that Apple changed their dock connector on the iPhone 5, but don’t worry, because plenty of companies are updating their accessories to service your technological needs. Bowers & Wilkins just released their new AirPlay-enabled speakers, which will work will with all iPhones (and recent iPods and iPads too.)

bw speaker a5 a7

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Griffin Twenty Digital Amplifier Adds AirPlay to Any Speakers

It’s the beginning of CES 2012, and just like every year, there are lots of new toys around to make life easier. I spotted Griffin’s Twenty making the rounds, and thought that it would definitely be useful since it can turn any speaker into an AirPlay-compatible one.

griffin twenty airplay amp

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Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker Extends Your Wi-Fi Network to Your Backyard

The Russound AirGo is a weatherproof and AirPlay compatible outdoor speaker. This 40-watt speaker isn’t just a nice way of pumping out your tunes from your music player, it can also extend your Wi-Fi network wherever you place it.

outdoor speaker russound airgo airport express wireless repeater hotspot wifi

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLit 12 Speaker: B&O Gets Unsexy

Bang & Olufsen are best known for their slick and modern high-end speakers, stereos and TVs, but they will soon be launching a portable speaker named the BeoLit 12 . Spotted in a recent FCC filing, the new speaker looks nothing like your typical B&O hardware.

bang olufsen speaker dock airplay mobile portable audio

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Libratone AirPlay Sound System: Stylish Airplay Stereos

Libratone has released some new AirPlay-compatible speaker systems for you iPad, iPhone and iPods. The brand is pretty popular in Europe, and they’ll soon be launching some AirPlay-enabled sound systems in the US. Their products aren’t cheap, but they’ll fit into a modern pad, and they’ll probably please users who like minimalism.

libratone air live stereo airplay sound system ios ipad iphone ipod

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