Lexon Flip Alarm Clock: Flip It to Shut It off

There are plenty of mornings when I opt to snooze or reset my alarm for a later time. That’s not always good, but if you can afford this luxury, it’s nice to indulge for a few extra minutes of sleep. And if you’re ready to turn off the alarm entirely, it can be a pain to fumble about looking for the alarm “OFF” switch as it beeps incessantly. This Lexon alarm clock allows you to easily turn off your alarm without fumbling around for buttons.

lexon flip alarm clock

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Rise Alarm Clock App: Wakes You Up, Minimally

While some of the other apps that I’ve come across recently promise to wake you up in different ways, this one strips away all unnecessary functions and goes down to the bare essentials of what an alarm should be. It will wake you up and it’s nicely designed. It doesn’t go much beyond this – and that’s a good thing.

simple bots rise iphone alarm app screen

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Karlsson Twin Bell Alarm Clock


There’s something about the way that an old school alarm sounds. It can wake up almost anyone. This classic looking Karlsson Twin Bell Alarm Clock comes in black, white or grey, with the rest of the clock matching. At about four inches in diameter, it’s perfect for your desk or bedside table.

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5 Alternatives for the Philips Wake-Up Light

092112_rg_WakeUptoLight_01a.jpegWaking up in the morning can be a painful experience, but research seems to indicate that using light instead of sound will wake you up more pleasantly. There haven’t been that many light-based alarm clocks, and the Philips Wake Up Light was one of the most effective and popular ones available. Here are some alternatives, including some that will require some hacking. More

Ramos Alarm Clock: Get out of Bed, Sleepyhead!

Alarms clocks are a dime a dozen, but this beautiful bedside clock aims to shake things up a bit. Designed and engineered by Paul Sammut, the Nixie Ramos is part of a Kickstarter project featuring two decidedly different versions of the same clock. While the LED version is interesting, the Nixie version is the one you’ll want, but in order to get it, you’ll have to pay quite a lot more. That being said, the clock is handmade.

ramos alarm clock 01

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How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning

011312_rg_SnoozeLose_01.jpgWe’ve probably all been guilty of pushing that infamous snooze button on our alarm clocks or cell phones when we shouldn’t. Do it frequently enough and it can become almost an automatic reflex. Experience has taught me that while that extra 10 to 30 minutes might seem good, you’ll definitely be more productive and relaxed by using that time to get stuff done. Here’s how to avoid the snooze and lose pattern


Edifier Tick Tock Alarm Clock & iPhone Dock: Don’t Throw It to Snooze!

The world has way more iPhone docks than it knows to do with, but there are always some that manage to set themselves apart from the rest, even if you don’t actually need another one. This particular one tries to merge the design elements of a classic alarm clock with that of a dock. I have to say that it doesn’t look bad, especially given the price.

edifier tick tock clock alarm dock iphone ipod

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The Best of Wooden Alarm Clock iPhone Docks

120211_rg_LowTechDocks_01.jpgIf you’ve gotten tired of putting your phone on a nearby bedside table for alarm clock duty, then it’s time to find a more elegant solution to charge and store your iPhone. There are many solutions to dock your iPhone, but some of our faves are completely low tech…

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Geneva Lab Sound System XS: Retro Clamshell Alarm Clock Speaker

Geneva Lab has just revealed their new Sound System XS, a portable/travel-sized speaker that looks like a retro clamshell alarm clock. This little guy is Bluetooth-compatible, so you’ll be able to send your tunes to it wirelessly.

geneva lab sound systems xs clamshell retro speaker bluetooth portable

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Events Countdown Clock: Keep Pushing That Button!

When I see something like this, it makes me think of that darned button that needed to be pushed every 108 minutes in Lost. Well, now Sharper Image has come up with the Event Countdown Clock, and its has an event countdown timer for up to three events.

sharper image alarm clock event countdown lost

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