Thousands of Mysterious Purple Spheres Discovered in the Desert

In Tucson, Arizona, locals have discovered a strange collection of purple spheres in the middle of the desert. It’s not yet certain what these spheres are, but analyses are being made to ascertain their exact nature.

mysterious purple spheres

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Alianoid Humidifiers: Steaming Mad Space Aliens

I don’t live in a dry climate, so I’ve rarely needed a humidifier, but if I did, I’d like one like this please. The Alianoid Humidifier was designed by Minwoo Lee and was inspired by alien robots from outer space. The small appliance has a unique look to distinguish itself from all of the others that are already available.

minwoo lee alianoid humidifier design alien

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Super Bros Pixel Art: 8-Bits or 16-Bits of Awesome?

I’ve got to admit that I have a weakness for any design that contains big pixels. There’s a sort of retro allure that’s involved with the creation of these kinds of designs.

These particular pixelated cartoons are the creation of Ty Lettau.


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Toy Story Giant Alien USB Webcam Will Take Over Your Desktop

This Toy Story Alien USB Webcam stands at around 15 inches in height, which means that it’s larger than the actual aliens that were featured in Toy Story. It’s big enough that it will stand out on your desk (and honestly it might clash with a few things on your workstation.)

alien webcam toy story computers toys

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