Wall Mounting & Charging Solutions for iOS Devices

040612_rg_TwoKickstarteriOS_01.jpgThere are so many great projects that are seeking funding on Kickstarter that it’s not always easy to find the really good ones. These two that we’ve selected will appeal to users who have iOS devices and even those who don’t. From what we’ve seen, these projects will most definitely get made. Read on to find out more.


Why I Don’t Miss My Large Screen TV

110811_rg_AlternativeTV_01.jpgWhen we moved away from North America in 2006, one of the things that we left behind, but have discovered wo do not miss is a large screen TV. Nowadays, many households have a HDTV monster anchoring the living room. Due to space constraints, our own living room has been partially transformed into a home office/library, and so we’ve found ways to replace the big TV with smaller, more optimal ways to get our entertainment on…

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Green Gifts For a Green Christmas

112410_rg_GreenGifts_01.jpgIf you’re trying to find alternative gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, it’s a good idea to start shopping right away, as it will give you time to think about what to give instead of just getting something the last minute. We always appreciate when a lot of thought went into our gifts, and we usually like to do the same, to show how much we value our loved ones.

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Alternative Workstations: Changings Things Around Works

Suffering from the blues while working from home? As more and more people work longer and longer hours from home, which includes students, they have to seek out alternative workstations because sitting for hours at your desk will slowly drive you to boredom.

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Christian And Other Music

In the past, I would have been quick to dismiss Christian faith music, especially the metal or alternative metal. However, I’ve come to change my mind over the years.

I don’t really care about the faith of a band. I’m sure that I’ve listened to Satanists over the years. Is Christian faith music so aberrant?


I actually like Flyleaf a lot. I know that Evanescence isn’t really Christian faith music, but I still like it. I watched Die Hard 4 when it came out. I watched the movie again and rediscovered Flyleaf, a band that I had found interesting at the time. There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t listen to any music with instruments. I would only listen to electronic music.

Currently, I listen to a vast array of music, from IDM, minimal techno, to indie and metal. Naturally bands and artists like Hooverphonic, Portishead (I love Third), Massive Attack, The Cardigans, Tricky, Orbital, Moby (Last Night is released tomorrow), Björk, Mouse on Mars, Stereolab, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Metallica (only the first four albums), Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss) :Wumpscut:, Suicide Commando and Evil’s Toy (now called Toy) have been staples in my earphones for years.