Cooler Master iPhone 5 Bumpers Wrap Your Phone in Extra Aluminum

Unlike some of you out there, I prefer to keep my iPhone nicely wrapped up in a case. Since I know that phones can be easily dropped, and that I want to ensure that I will get maximum value when I upgrade to another phone, it makes sense to use a case. I’ve never particularly liked bumpers, since they are so thin, but check out this one from Cooler Master.

cooler master aluminum bumper case

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Ag++ Aluminum iPhone Case: Metal Goodness

What is is about aluminum that works so well with iOS devices? Maybe because Apple’s other industrial designs like unibody case of the MacBook Pro translates so nicely for accessories as well. If you’re thinking about an aluminum case for your iPhone, check out the Ag++ case, created by designer Andrea Ponti.

ag plus plus aluminum iphone case

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Just Mobile’s UpStand: An Upstanding iPad Stand

This nifty stand is a nice way to prop up your iPad, whether you’re in the kitchen or the office. Just Mobile’s  UpStand looks quite fetching, and it will match the aluminum of your iPad. While it won’t turn your iPad into a desktop, it will make it easier to work with.


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i+Case iPhone 4 Aluminum Case: Is There Such a Thing as Too Minimal?

The i+Case case is a sleek modern iPhone 4 case that looks pretty great, tightly wrapping your iPhone with a protective aluminum bumper, without concealing Apple’s original industrial design.


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Adafruit iNecklace: Open Source Jewelry

Check out the iNecklace, which is actually a piece of jewelry that you could replicate if you really want to, but you can also buy one if you’d rather not make one yourself. The unique part of this piece is that it pulsates, kind of like what the LEDs on a Mac do.

inecklace cnc aluminum led apple mac adafruit open source

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M.I.C. Aluminum Keyboard Case For iPad2: Looking Like a MacBook Air

If you’ve currently got an iPad 2 and want to try something different with it, then check out this keyboard and case combo from M.I.C. It looks pretty decent, and seems to match the iPad 2 case pretty well. This will basically turn your iPad 2 into a MacBook Air Junior.

keyboard buddy case MIC ipad 2 accessories apple

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Normincies Aluminum Reinforced Laptop Bag: Ready to Rumble

Since I got a new MacBook Pro 17, I’ve always been concerned about traveling with it. My last laptop’s lid got a bit scratched up in a backpack when I hadn’t been careful about what I put inside of it. This won’t be the case with these bags from Normincies. They come with a band of aluminum that protects the sides and doubles as a handle.

bag laptop normancies finland aluminum

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An Aluminum Millennium Falcon to Go With Your Duct Tape AT-AT

Remember that guy who made that duct tape AT-AT? Well, he’s just listed another Star Wars item. This new listing is for a Millennium Falcon that’s made out of cardboard, Styrofoam, and aluminum tape. That makes it all shiny.

aluminum millennium falcon komanac star wars han solo

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EXOvault’s Cases Made Out Of A Solid Block Of Aluminum

The iPhone is just so darn handy. There are so many things that you can do with it that it deserves the proper case. There are so many cases out there that it’s not always easy to find the right one. Well, EXOvault has got some pretty unique cases for your device. Their cases are made out of one solid block of aluminum.

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