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The Amazing Race I’m Surrounded By Ninjas S17E11 (CBS)

Nick convinced Vick to take a 6-hour penalty. They will also face a Speedbump.

Teams are leaving from HK to Seoul, South Korea. They have to drive themselves to the North Korean border. They are going to the DMZ. Bam/Claire decide to check flights from a nearby hotel instead of going to the airport. They drink some coffee waiting for their tickets.

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The Amazing Race I Hate Chinese Food S17E10 (CBS)

Chad should have done the last Roadblock. He’s a total idiot for making Steph do it instead.

Teams start out from Bangladesh and leave for Hong Kong. They will make their way to Cheung Po island to find a cave. Jill/Thomas haven’t seen another team in a while. All of the teams are on the same 11:55 flight.

There’s a VT of Nick crying about how much he appreciates Vick. She calms him down.

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The Amazing Race There’s A Lot of Nuts and Bullets S17E09 (CBS)

Teams are starting out from Oman. Newly engaged Chad/Steph must fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, the most densely populated city in the world. Using a machine from a sugar cane tuk tuk, they must press their sugar cane juice and someone needs to drink it.

There is a double u-turn ahead. Chad/Steph have already decided to U-Turn Nat/Kat. Chad/Steph get tickets that arrive tomorrow at 12PM. Jill/Thomas sneak in and tell the woman to book the same for them. Nick/Vick are on the same flight. Nat/Kat are almost 4 hours later.

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The Amazing Race Ali Baba In A Suit S17E08 (CBS)

The teams leave for Muscat, Oman. They must make their way to a burj. A man will hand them an inscribed ingot for the time that they can climb the old fort.

Nat/Kat stop at a travel agency. Their flight will arrive at 8:55PM. Brook/Claire are on the same flight. Nick/Vick, Jill/Thomas, and Gary/Mallory are all at the travel agency at the same time. Brook/Claire are also there. Jill/Thomas, Gary/Mallory, Nick/Vick go on the 10:35PM.

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The Amazing Race I Want to Be in the Circus That’s Where I Belong S17E07 (CBS)

Teams must travel to the circus.

I hope I get to wear a leotard.

The circus is closed. This lets the other teams catch up. Teams face a Detour. In Circus Band, teams must choose an accordion player to teach them both a song. In Circus Clown, the teams make their way into the big top to learn how to spin 10 plates at the same time.

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The Amazing Race Run Babushka RunS17E06 (CBS)

Teams make their way to St-Petersburg, Russia. Everyone is going to be on the same train. On the train ride to Stockholm, Nat/Kat and Brook/Claire bond.

Chad is pissed at Steph for making them late. The teams are all on the same flight to Russia.

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The Amazing Race Tastes Like a Million Dollars S17E05 (CBS)

Nat/Kat arrived 1st. The Nerds were eliminated. Teams must drive themselves into Narvik, Norway. They must then ride to the top of a mountain for their next clue.

Gary/Mallory are wearing Arc’Teryx fleece and Alpha SV jackets. I like those. I have those.

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