Hacked IKEA LEDs Matches What’s On the Screen

Adding ambient light isn’t just for creating a mood; used around a computer or TV screen, the indirect lighting eases eye strain after long hours. Ambient lighting also adds another layer of experience while watching movies, especially if the lights correspond to the images on the display itself. Philips HDTVs have their Ambilight, but they’re equally useful when toiling behind a keyboard. And of course the DIY-hack community has turned to the popular IKEA DIODER LED strip for a homebrewed solution.

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Potted Table Lamp Becomes Ambient Floor Lamp

042111_rg_PottedTableLamp_01.jpgSometimes that lamp you bought for the living room or bedroom just doesn’t work out once you come home. Or perhaps you’ve tired of the design. But don’t throw it out, because it might yet be reborn to be enjoyed yet again. Here’s a simple way of reusing some of your lights, transforming a table lamp into an ambient floor lamp for the living room.

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Use LEDs For Ambient Lighting Around Your Workstation

When you spend quite a bit of time working on your computer at home, you’ll find that direct glaring light isn’t the best lighting solution. The best that we’ve found is positioning lights behind the monitor, reducing the strain on the eyes. This is one of the reasons why Philips’ Ambilight system works so well for their HDTVs.

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