IKEA Dioder Relief Lights: DIY Low-Budget Ambilight

If you’re like me,  you probably spend way too much time staring at a computer screen. There are some ways to reduce eyestrain, but I have to say that using IKEA’s Dioder LED light strips is one of the most effective since it’s kind of a low-tech, low-cost way of hacking your monitor into a Philips Ambilight.

ikeahack dioder monitor light

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Hacked IKEA LEDs Matches What’s On the Screen

Adding ambient light isn’t just for creating a mood; used around a computer or TV screen, the indirect lighting eases eye strain after long hours. Ambient lighting also adds another layer of experience while watching movies, especially if the lights correspond to the images on the display itself. Philips HDTVs have their Ambilight, but they’re equally useful when toiling behind a keyboard. And of course the DIY-hack community has turned to the popular IKEA DIODER LED strip for a homebrewed solution.

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Reduce Eyestrain With a DIY Computer Screen Ambilight

083111_rg_DIYAmbilight_01.jpgPhilips Ambilight has always been the holy grail of ambient lighting for the home theater. Ambilight illuminates the back of your HDTV, producing an ambient glow to reduce eyestrain. Some of the Lamplight-compatible HDTV sets come with 250 LEDs, which will match the overall color and tone to further reduce visual strain while watching TV in dim or dark rooms. So why not duplicate the same idea for your computer monitor setup?

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Philips Aurea: 250 LEDs to Create Better Ambient Lighting

090409_rg_aureaHDTV_01.jpgWhen the first generation of Aurea HDTVs was released by Philips in 2007, they cost almost $7,000. Sure, LCD backlight bleed is a problem, but that problem wasn’t worth spending that much money to resolve it.

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