Angry Red Bird for Taiwan Presidential Candidate: Only in Asia

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Taiwanese love Angry Birds as much as everyone else, but check out this art installation of the red Angry Bird that was made for the Taiwanese presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen.

red angry bird taiwan asia

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Real Life Angry Birds

Indian artist Mohamed Raoof decided to bring his own spin onto the Angry Birds phenomenon. Instead of cases, toys or video games, he came up with how these angry birds would look like in real life. One thing’s for sure, they look just as pissed off IRL as in the game.

mohamed raoof irl angry birds design geek art

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Angry Birds Knock on Wood Board Game: Not Available on Your Phone

Well, you asked for it and it’s finally available. The official Angry Birds board game Knock on Wood is not really for adults, but you’ll probably end up having lots of fun with it. I’ve always thought that it would make a great board game, kind of like destroying piles of carefully placed dominoes.

angry birds knock on wood board game video fun

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Which Came First: The Angry Bird or the Angry Easter Egg?

Dominika Turek decided that this Easter, it would be an Angry Easter thanks to some custom DIY-made Angry Birds Easter eggs! Easter is usually a time for faith and chocolate, but these guys make you want to get those piggies good. Dominika smartly also made some pigs to go with the birds she created.

angry birds video games diy dominika turek easter eggs

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Angry Birds Flash Drives: No The Blue One Doesn’t Split and Store 3x More Data

Boy, the Angry Birds are turning up on everything these days. Take, for example, these Angry Birds flash drives. They’re kind of fun, but they only come in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB varieties, so they’re nothing to write home about. Still, if you love the pigs and the birds, then you’ll like these USB flash drives.

angry birds flash drive usb fun video games

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Angry Birds iPad 2 Cases Protect the Back-aaaaaaaw! of Your iPad

The iPad 2 was just released on Friday and a lot of people have already been getting rid of their old iPads so that they can get the new ones. Thanks to (paltry) new cameras, and slimmer body on the iPad 2, you’ll also need a new case. This Angry Birds case is definitely unique and will set your iPad 2 apart from all of the rest.

angry birds ipad 2 case cover gear4 protective

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Is Tiny Wings the New Angry Birds?

As addictive as the seemingly simple but obviously complicated Angry Birds game is, I wonder what will be next. It seems that creating new levels and birds isn’t what that will be. I think Tiny Wings is where it will be happening next.


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Angry Birds: Letter From the Front Lines

Chris Riebschlager gives us a few missives from the Angry Birds, fighting their forever war against the dreaded piggies.

Which Angry Bird Do You Like Best?

Yes, I have to admit that I play Angry Birds. As many of you know, the little game is painfully addictive once you get into it. Destroying stuff with angry birds makes sense all of a sudden. That’s why I liked seeing this infographic on the pros and cons of each angry bird.

angry birds video games infographic like dislike

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Playable Angry Birds Cake: This Will Get Messy

Yes, I have to admit that one of the only games that I have installed on my MacBook Pro is Angry Birds. When I first started playing it, I immediately understood why the game was so addictive. It’s even addictive to people watching it. The Angry Birds playable birthday cake brings up a whole new meaning to the word messy if you start throwing around some angry birds.

cake pastry playable video games angry birds mike cooper

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