Transgenic Animal Research Lacks Funding & Approval in the USA

AquaBounty salmon (back) have an added growth-hormone gene that sees them grow to market size in about half the time as unmodified salmon. Image: AquaBounty/MCT/Newscom

Scientifically unfounded assertions about transgenic foods and animals are widely circulating in the American zeitgeist. Claims that transgenic foods are responsible for the rise of autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes are seen in different media, from documentaries to the news.

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Rabbit Pain Can Be Assessed Through Grimace Scale


Rabbits are able to express pain through grimaces. Rabbits have become the latest focus of scientists trying to measure animal discomfort by monitoring facial expressions. Traditionally, researchers had to rely on after-the-fact measurements involving weight loss or food and water consumption, as well as subjective judgments done by the researchers themselves.

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Bonobo Great Apes are Domesticating Themselves


While it’s expected that the animal kingdom is a fierce place, where aggression for survival dominates, a new study on bonobos (Pan paniscus) published in January 20th’s Animal Behaviour suggests that some animals outcompete others by becoming ‘nicer’.

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Life-Sized LEGO Animals at the Bronx Zoo: No Honey, that Tiger Won’t Eat You!

These amazing life-sized LEGO animals are part of the Great Summer Zoofari that’s going on at the Bronx Zoo, until September 30. You’ll find a bunch of different animals rendered in full size all from LEGO bricks, including penguins, giraffes, flamingos, and tigers.

bronx zoo life-sized animals replica lego

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Lion Cubs On World Animal Day

Lion cubs @ The Big Picture
Lion cubs @ The Big Picture

Incredible pictures of animals over at The Big Picture. I like the depressed looking shark, the teeny weeny frog, and the sad picture of a Thai elephant handler and his elephant.