Real Robotech Cyclone Motorcycle: 3 Years in the Making, Still Awesome

A few Japanese dudes decided to spend three years working on this project in their spare time. The end result is a great-looking replica of the famed Robotech Cyclone motorcycle. I have to say that it looks stellar and reminds me a lot of the series.

robotech cyclone motorcycle bike replica japan anime robots

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Gundam Statue Rises Again (Almost)

I was pretty sad when they announced plans to take down the 60-foot Gundam statue that was erected last year in Tokyo. Luckily, Bandai recently announced that they were going to put it up again in Shizuoka, 125 miles west of Tokyo. He’s almost ready! Here are some of the first pictures available from the new location.

gundam japan statue rises again robots anime manga

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A geofront is a science fiction concept, referring to a large, excavated subterranean space used for urban expansion.


For some reason, I ended up watching Neon Genesis Evangelion this weekend. I came upon this word, which I didn’t know. I do know of the concept, it’s used a lot in science-fiction, but this is the first time I saw that this name was used.

Neon Genesis just made me remember Ghost in the Shell, which I promptly started watching as well. I’ve started watching GiTS:SAC Solid State Society. I like how political GiTS tends to be. I can fully recommend Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig. Extraordinary stories woven together in a great way. I can’t stand watching those shows in English though. They have to be in Japanese, since the voice actors have always been the same since the series started. I remember that the original GiTS movie was one of the first DVDs I bought back in 1999.