2011 Colnago C590 150 Italia

Colnago C59 150 Italia

The Colnago C59 150 Italia is a special edition frameset that will be available at the end of the year. What makes it special is that it commemorates Italy’s unification and that it completely integrates the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic group. This includes integrating the battery into the frameset. While prices have been reported as being as high as €15,000 for this frameset, I’m actually looking forward to see if they’ll offer this type of technology for their next Di2 framesets.

PRC’s 60th Anniversary

Fireworks explode over Tiananmen Square, via The Big Picture
Fireworks explode over Tiananmen Square, via The Big Picture

I was debating with myself if I should post this photos. Ultimately, it’s a really nice photo and that’s all that counts. None of that cross-straight political stuff will be found here.

3 Year Blog Anniversary

photo by Edwin Nollen
photo by Edwin Nollen

I started this blog on the 24th of May 2006. Last year, I skipped mentioning it. This year, I’ve spent the weekend away from the computer. Well, I spent last Sunday and Monday away. Today, I was back in front of the computer.

In three years, I’ve posted 5,148 posts.

You’ve left 4,358 comments.

You’ve visited this blog 1,448,190 times.

When I started freelancing, I had to cut down on the original posts on this site. I still have about 500 asides to rescue from my old memoirs feed, which I plan to do during the summer.

You’ll be happy to find out that I haven’t stopped writing. When I mention writing, I mean creative fiction writing. There is also a story out there that I found that I want to tell, hopefully in print.

In the coming months, I’ll probably be doing more freelancing.

What can you look forward to on this blog?

More reviews, more photos, more essays and opinions.

What is my blog to me?

It’s a form of expression. I haven’t gone on FB this year and I don’t twitter or tumble, so I’m stuck doing this the old fashioned way. At least that’s what I tell myself. I love blogs. What you write is immediately published when you push the magical Publish button on your dashboard. My words come to life.

Then again, I’m not a great writer. Well, I think I could be good, but I need a lot of work. Parts of my writing have drastically improved over the last three years, and this is due to my daily writings on this blog. This blog has led me to opportunities that I wouldn’t have usually had in the past.

Some blogs get really into personal details and publish daily accounts of what happens in their author’s lives. I’m not like that. If you really want to know, I do keep a diary. I don’t plan on publishing it and I’ve had it written by hand and on my computer. I’m not that particular, but I do love writing things by hand.

Over the last three years, my life has been going up and down. More down than up if I’m honest. At least I have my wife, my dog, and since last year, my cat and I know that they all love me.

Here’s to another good year of posts and writing. Hope you’ll stick around.