Gliph App Creates Anonymous & Disposable Email Addresses

There is always a need for disposable and secure email addresses. I had a bunch of junk Hotmail addresses years ago for handling spam and subscriptions I didn’t want going to my main email address. Thanks to Gmail, I’ve whittled it down to only one, but maybe I should just dispose of it and get the Gliph app. It’s basically, this app is like the Burner app we featured a couple of days ago, but for email addresses.

gliph email app setup burner

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MIAmobi SilentPocket Cases Help You Evade Big Brother

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like being tracked by the GPS chip on your phone, then MIAmobi’s SilentPocket cases are just for you, as they function as a Faraday pouch, temporarily blocking all inbound and outbound signals and allowing you to remain hidden from Big Brother.

miamobi silentpocket faraday pouch cell phone smart phone tablet gps

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4chan’s & Anonymous’ Chaos Theory

Vanity Fair explores 4chan and Anonymous through Housh, one of its hacktivists, and the founder of 4chan.

“Freedom of expression is priceless,” Anonymous crowed on their Twitter page. “For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

[…] which means that anybody at any time in their lives can become Anonymous. Anonymous is nobody and nothing and nowhere.

Your empire has been compromised, your servers, your databases, online accounts and source code have all been ripped to shreds.

I was a lonely teenage hate machine, with a new computer and an old routine.

We will use this brief span of attention we’ve captured to deliver a clear and present message. Like a fistful of sand … the more you squeeze your citizens the more that they will flow right out of your hand.

Anonymity Break

The ethics behind the breach of an anonymous evaluation of a professor at an American university.