Chameleon Clock App For iOS: Now You Can See Through Your Tablet!

Have you ever wanted to see through your clock? Well, now there’s actually an app for that. The Chameleon Clock shows through to what’s behind it thanks to the rear-facing camera of your iOS device.

chameleon clock app ios window

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Mega Man X on iOS: Rockman Hits the iPhone

Are you the type of gamer who enjoys playing retro games, especially the ones that you loved when you were younger? Well check out Mega Man X, which was just released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (sorry no iPad version yet.) I remember playing Mega Man X on the SNES console for hours and now you can do the same on your iPhone.

mega man ios x game video retro capcom

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The iPad Apps We Paid for & Those We Didn’t

121411_rg_iPadApps_01.jpgThe App Store recently clocked in with over 100 million downloads this year, and it comes as no surprise that it’s quite successful. The one stop shop for apps of all kinds makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. We’ve recently set up an iPad 2, and here are some of the apps that we purchased, and some that we didn’t.

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Pulse App News Reader Withdrawn From Apple App Store

One of the main uses of an iPhone, iPad, or any kind of mobile tech device is to catch up on news. One of the easiest ways of getting your news is to subscribe to a bunch of websites’ RSS and use a feed reader to sort through them. Now it seems that The New York Times has asked Apple to withdraw the Pulse App because it infringes upon its copyright.

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Apple Becoming Big Brother or Not

Apple has decided to censor a dictionary app because of objectionable content. Someone needs to get their head examined at Apple. It’s a dictionary.

Update: Gruber gets an update from Phil Shiller himself, and nope it isn’t as bad as I thought, but still. The whole process needs to be reformed if dictionaries are getting censored. What’s next? Deleting 1984 from your book library? Oops, that already happened thanks to Big Brother Amazon!

Is deleting an ebook from everyone’s Kindle kind of like burning a book? (à la Fahrenheit 451) I don’t know, but it’s getting up there with despicable things a company/organism can do. This reminds me of a chilling scene in Indiana Jones, in Berlin, where Nazis were burning books. I hated that.