Cheaper RedEye Lets iPhone Become Universal Remote

030310_rg_ThinkfloodRed_01.jpgWe liked the original RedEye product that transformed your iPhone into a universal remote control, but we thought that the $188 price tag was bit much. It looks like we weren’t the only ones thinking this, because ThinkFlood has just nixed the original RedEye and released a cheaper alternative, the RedEye Mini.

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iphone-controlled hexapod robot walks into our lives

Robert Stephenson is a robotics student in the UK, and he’s created an app for the iPhone that allows you to control a robot. For his tests, Robert uses his hexapod robot.

robert stephenson iphone app robotics robots hexapod

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Logitech’s iPhone App Turns iPhone Into Trackpad

020210_rg_TouchMouse_01.jpgIf you have a home entertainment PC or just watch everything your computer, you’ve probably tried finding the right keyboard and mouse combo so that you can control your computer. Never fear, because Logitech’s latest app will do everything for you.

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Official LEGO iPhone App Converts Images Into LEGO Mosaics… That’s It!

LEGO has just released an official iPhone App. Is it as cool as you think it will be? Maybe, maybe not.

lego iphone photo app

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Trent Reznor’s Innovative Free Iphone App

040709_rg_niniphoneapp.jpgAt first, when I read reports on the new Trent Reznor NIN iPhone app, I was skeptical. What could this free app from the iTunes store really do for us? Other than mimic and present us with different little improvements. Well it turns out that it could do a lot more. Actually, it does stuff that no iPhone app or IM client has done before. Do you want to find out more?

Look! Turn Your iPhone into a Numeric Keypad

One of the annoying things of having a modern laptop is that you’re stuck without a numeric keypad. Some power users used to purchase the giant 17″ notebooks just to get the numeric keypad. There are small add-on keypads that you can use, but they aren’t as sweet as this new iPhone app. If you have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, you can now get the Balmuda Numberkey iPhone Numeric Keyboard, a perfect app for people needing a numeric keypad.