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  • Russell Hobbs Allure Small Appliances: Glass & Stainless

    There’s definitely something nice about having small appliances of good quality. These ones from the Russell Hobbs Allure Collection are certainly distinctive, since it looks like they are mostly made out of glass and stainless steel. Most people will have their small appliances for a long time, which means that buying some that are stylish…

  • Small Washing Machines: Perfect For Renters

    Washing machines are needed in most apartments and homes since they can make your home life quite a bit easier most homes have some. However, with smaller homes and apartments, it’s always been an issue when you’re trying to find the space for a full-sized washing machine. There are alternatives, including smaller apartment-sized washing machines…

  • Smeg’s Built-In Coffee Machines & Range Hoods

    While Smeg is probably best known for its iconic retro fridges, the Italian company also makes other appliances. We’ve mentioned some of their cookers before, but they also make some built-in coffee machines and glorious range hoods. Read Full Post

  • Retro-Kitsch or Modern Minimal in Appliances

    Depending on your personal taste, you’ll either love or hate retro-kitsch appliances. Usually, the same goes for modern and minimal ones. It all varies on what you want to do with your kitchen and which type of appliance style you prefer. Read Full Post

  • 5 Different Ways of Brewing Espresso

    I never used to like espresso before I lived with a Swiss Italian, who showed me the proper way to brew a cup of espresso. We didn’t have any fancy machines, but the end result was really good. Sure, it didn’t have enough crema, but it was a nice espresso nonetheless. Here are some machines…

  • Gorgeous Stove Solutions From Stoves Sterling & Wamsler

    Look at this beautiful stove, have you ever seen anything like it? We haven’t and we have to say that we want it. Let’s just ask a question: what can your stove do? Wamsler stoves double as central boilers, now that’s what we like to call multi-functional. Read Full Post

  • New Homeier and Kdesign Kitchen Hoods

    There’s something magical about gorgeous kitchen hoods; they can set your whole kitchen apart. It’s one of the few appliances that’s mostly overlooked. However, since it’s very massive in most homes, the overall look of a kitchen and a house can be much improved by choosing a distinctive kitchen hood. Read Full Post

  • Are Swarovski Crystal Fridges & Leather Ovens For Real?

    We’ve recently spied some luxury branded home appliances that look like the industrial designs from the imaginary workshop of Zsa Zsa Gabor alongside a revived Liberace. Who wants an all-leather adorned kitchen oven? Or a Swarovski crystal covered refrigerator? Apparently someone does… Read Full Post

  • Maytag’s Maxima and Bravos Washers & Dryers

    Maytag recently released some new washers and dryers, which are the creme of the crop when it comes to energy efficiency and overall good looks. The only hitch is that they cost a grand each, otherwise we’d have them in our homes already. Read Full Post

  • New Miele Appliances: From Coffee Makers to Range Hoods

    Miele has just released information about some new appliances, notably their first counter top coffee maker. These appliances have got a nice appeal and flair to them, which we believe would make them look good in almost any kitchen. Read Full Post