The CubeQuarium: PowerMac G4 Cube Gets New Use

091809_rg_cubequarium_01.jpgOne of the most beautiful things that you can create out of the case of an old PowerMac Cube is an aquarium (as mentioned in passing previously). By far, the CubeQuarium is the best looking of the bunch. It’s a functioning aquarium built into the case of the Cube…

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Look! Floating Garden: Mixes Plants and Fishes

060409_rg_floating_garden_01.jpgAquariums are a really good way of integrating something very relaxing in your home. Whole living rooms can be designed around nicely placed aquarium. If you’ve ever kept fishes, you know that sometimes you need to clean your aquarium. In fact, you need to clean it often so that your fishes can survive. However, the products that you have to use aren’t always green. They are chemicals of some sort.

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Snow Storm

It’s 3:30 and there is a snow storm outside. I still have an hour and half of classes to teach. Today, it took me over an hour to get from one class to the other. I’m thinking about cancelling that class, it’s just too far.

I got up at 6:45AM and my mind was in a jumble. I went to bed too late. It took some chocolate and a coffee to really wake me up. It’ funny because when you speak many languages, when you are tired, you mix up words in ALL languages.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday at Aquarium on St-Jean Street. It was surprisingly cheap, exactly $21. It took about 27 minutes. However, you don’t get the full on experience as in Taiwan. The last time I went to get my hair cut, it took about 90 minutes and cost $15. I got a 10 minute back massage, 15 minute hair massage and the girl scultped away at my hair for over an hour. It was pretty cool.

Then again, I managed to talk with Caroline, the stylist at Aquarium. Something that I just couldn’t do in Taiwan.

Aquarium: The iPhone of Washing Machines

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed since its inception, it’s the concept behind a washing machine. The box-like devices haven’t changed that much, and even you look for something different, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars for something like that. Think about it, weren’t those LG washing machines and dryers the latest rage in washing machine technology? Designer Djordje Zivanovic comes to the rescue with an Aquarium, and it’s not for fishes!