Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta to Get Low-Power IGZO Display

While a new crop of smartphones has just been released in the U.S., the Japanese aren’t going to fall behind anytime soon. They just upped the ante with the new Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta SH-02E, which is the first production smartphone with an IGZO display.

sharp aquos phone zeta

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Sharp LED LCD 70-Inch Aquos HDTV: Bigger Than Your Friends’ TVs

You got to admit that a 70-inch HDTV is pretty big. Prices have come down significantly for big screens, and the Sharp Aquos brand is no different. Their biggest LED LCD HDTV is probably bigger than a lot of your friends, at 5’10″ diagonal. Heck, hopefully you won’t have trouble finding a space that’s big enough to showcase it.

sharp aquos 70-inch led lcd hdtv tv

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Sharp Aquos: A New Way To Reduce Your Cable Clutter

One of the things that’s so frustrating with home theater systems is the amount of wires that are just lying around. There isn’t that much you can do about them, unless you are ready to find some inventive way to reduce the clutter. Naturally, when a room is designed to be a home theater room, this is a lot easier. That’s not the situation of most of us. Most of us live with some kind of a stand with a TV on top and a DVD player somewhere underneath. Also, the TV receiver box is somewhere under there. It just gets worse when you add even more devices, like the components of a stereo system.