European Cave Spiders Produce Extremely Stretchable Silk


Researchers have discovered that the European cave spider (Meta menardi) has some of the most stretchable spider silk, which can elongate up to 7.5 times its length. The reason why their silk needs to be so elastic is that M. menardi produces silk to protect egg sacs that will eventually protect their young.

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Smart Spider Silk Might Lead to Carbon Nanotubes Strong Enough for Space Elevators


It’s a well-known fact that spider silk is stronger than steel and tougher than Kevlar, yet flexible enough to be made into a variety of different shapes. A new study has also shown that the material is also smart.

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Adanson’s Jumping Spiders Hunt Using Unusual Depth Perception


Thanks to their keen vision, jumping spiders have been able to get the advantage on their prey in the invertebrate world. However, scientists have been puzzled how the spiders’ miniature nervous system manages such sophisticated perception.

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