2010 World Cup: Germany Vs Argentina

After coming to the quarter finals by beating England in a spectacular 4-1 blowout, I was seriously looking forward to this matchup. Not only because I was born in Germany, but because I was rooting for them. The match didn’t disappoint, although it was significantly different from last week’s match against England. For one thing, Özil was completely shut down. He barely touched the ball at all during the match.

The first nail in Argentina’s coffin came at 2:40, when Müller scored the first German goal. For the next twenty minutes or so, Germany completely dominated the play. In the second half of the 1st period, Argentina finally got their game back, but just couldn’t convert. Before halftime, there was a refused goal from Argentina; four players were clearly offside.

At the start of the second half, this trend continued. Argentina had a few opportunities to score, but wasn’t able to convert. There were some brilliant defensive moves, but the Argentine team couldn’t stop the second German goal by Klose. And where was Messi? He had a few lame shots on goal, which didn’t amount to much. The Germans shut him down and the mid-fielders weren’t giving him the ball in time.

There was still quite a bit of time on the clock, but the next goal by Friedrich pretty much sealed the deal at 75′. The last goal came at 89′ by Miroslav Klose, who scored his second goal in a brilliant fashion.

It was an amazing match. I love how the South-American team started losing their cool. A few players were booked, and one even got a red card, not that it mattered anymore. This reminded me of what happened to the Brazilians. The German team just used basic football and played like a team, unlike the Argentines, who couldn’t muster an adequate offense. Their mid-field players were weak and couldn’t feed the strikers. This wasn’t a problem with the Germans. Lahm and especially Schweinsteiger were excellent, taking up the slack for Özil, who was all but invisible.

Wall Painted Animation

I’ve seen this on a few blogs, it’s well worth watching. It must have taken an obscene amount of time to paint. It’s called Muto by Blu.