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“Arsenic-Life” Bacterium Prefers Phosphate Over Arsenate


Researchers that claimed that the GFAJ-1 bacterium had a preference for arsenic instead of phosphorous in its DNA have been somewhat refuted. A new study shows that the GFAJ-1 microbe actually goes to extreme lengths to grab any traces of phosphorous it can find.

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Arsenic-Tolerant GFAJ-1 Bacterium Still Needs Phosphorous


18 months after the controversy started, it’s become official that the arsenic-tolerant bacterium, GFAJ-1, found in California’s Mono Lake, cannot live without phosphorous. It was reported in 2010 by a group led by Felisa Wolfe-Simon, a microbiologist, now working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in the journal Science that the Halomonadaceae bacterium GFAJ-1 could include some atoms of arsenic instead of phosphorous in hits crucial biochemicals.

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Relative Refutation of the Claim of Arsenic-Based Life


A controversial study from 2010 was relatively refuted by a group of scientists, trying to duplicate the findings that were published in Science. Researchers have been unsuccessful to reproduce the results from the study authored by Wolfe-Simon et al.

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