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Reflectius Art Lebedev Clock: 60 Mirrors + 1 Laser

When I first saw the Reflectius Clock by Art Lebedev, I thought that it was simply using reflections, but that’s not the whole story. This wild concept clock uses 60 mirrors and a single laser to display the time.

timepiece clock art lebedev reflectius laser

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Art Lebedev’s Segmentus Clock Simulates Digital

If you take off your glasses or look from afar, all you’ll see when you look at the Segmentus clock is a display that shows the time, kind of like those old clocks that were so popular some time ago. Now, when you look closer, you’ll see a whole bunch of clock hands working together to effectively simulate a digital display!

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Art Lebedev’s Punctirus Necklace And Bracelet: Cut & Paste Your Neck Or Wrist!

This great-looking  jewelry from Art Lebedev will let you give the impression of having the option of cutting off your head or hand!

art lebedev punctirus cut and paste necklace

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Art Lebedev’s Fleksimus Camera

Art Lebedev’s latest concept design is a digital camera with a flexible tube, allowing you to take pictures around corners.

art lebedev flex camera

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Art Lebedev’s Rozetkus 3D Socket Cuts Down On Wires

110909_rg_rozetkus_01.jpgArt Lebedev’s most recent project is a refresher on their Rozetkus power strip. What’s really interesting is that it’s more than just a socket. It can deploy an additional 4 sockets from its midst. Funky enough for you?

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Spectrus: Art Lebedev’s Rainbow Colored USB Hub

030309_rg_artlebedevspectrus_01.jpgIt’s a given that we need USB hubs. There aren’t enough USB ports on your computer to fit all of your gadgets and gizmos. USB hubs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but ultimately people want something that works well and looks good. It’s that simple. I’ve had a few hubs. They were all cheap looking affairs that didn’t last long. That’s why I really like Art Lebedev’s new hub. It’s looks really great and reminds me of Pink Floyd.

Blackbook M: The Android Phone You’ll Want


Personally, I find the design of the HTC G1 a bit unappealing. That’s why I found this design tantalizing. It’s a concept phone named the Blackbook M designed by Emre Durmus, a freelance photographer and designer.

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