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  • Asics Sortie Marathon Japan Duo

    When I went sneaker shopping two weeks ago, I discovered the Asics Japan shoe line. They were specifically made for marathon runners. I was intrigued. Let me tell you that I absolutely abhor going into a department store to find shoes⁵, even if it’s a high-end store like Sogo. In fact, don’t go to Sogo. […]

  • 4 KM

    Today was my first experience of running in the day in Taiwan. It was about 35-36C, hotter in direct sunlight. After having written a few posts and walked the dog, I felt like running. It didn’t matter that it was in the middle of the day. Yesterday, I had some Coke and some Pringles. At […]

  • 6 KM

    I managed to run 6 km tonight. I was aiming for 10 km, but the sole of my left foot started hurting again. I think I have been experiencing running withdrawal. I had to take a week off running for the heel to heal. I’m kind of pissed at this. I overdid it the two […]

  • Sore Sole And Heel

    I’ve had to take a couple of days off running because of a sore left foot sole and a sore left heel. I’m not happy about it, but I injured it during my 15 km run last week. I shouldn’t have gone running the next day for 4 km. Then I went again on Monday […]

  • 8 KM

    Last night I went for a run. I had taken a break for a few days as the soles of my feet were sore. I was going for 10km, but decided to stop earlier after I noticed that my left foot sole was starting to hurt. Food consisted of 500cc of hand squeezed Sunkist OJ, […]

  • Home Squeezed Sunkist Orange Juice

    It took a while, but I managed to hand squeeze a few of my Sunkist oranges to make some OJ this afternoon. It tasted great. It was a bit messy since I don’t have a juicer, but the end result was good. I noticed that they didn’t taste very fresh, but all the same, they […]

  • Soul Of My Feet

    On Wednesday, during my long run, I must have injured the sole of my left foot. When I went out running again on Thursday, I started feeling it towards the end of the run. When I say injured, I mean sore. The sole of my foot was extremely sore on Friday. I’ve been massaging it, […]

  • Sunkist Oranges

    Well, I bought 41 Sunkist oranges at the supermarket today when I learned that they were 6NT$ each (~20 cents). That’s dirt cheap! I might return for some more tomorrow. They usually sell for 25NT$ (~1$) each. (I got them at the Carrefour) If you’ve read this blog, you know that I just love oranges. […]

  • 4 KM

    I fantasized about running 8 km before I started out, but that all felt to bits when I realized that the back of my right knee was extremely sore from yesterday’s run. Strangely enough, my feet were also sore, especially the left one. I managed to run 4 km at a slower pace than usual. […]

  • Typhoon Weather

    Today started out strangely. There was some sun and some rain. At the same time. It was explained to me at work later on. Typhoon weather. A typhoon is coming into Taiwan. Typhoon Kalmaegi is coming in. In between the spurts of rain and the sun, I managed to teach my morning classes, pick up […]