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  • Post 15 KM

    After my 15km run of last night, I’m feeling pretty good actually. I was expecting to have trouble walking, but it’s not that bad. My hips are hurting. On my legs, my right knee is the worst. I’ll ice it down later today. I forgot to mention that it was my weigh-in yesterday. My weight […]

  • 15 KM

    I don’t know whether it was the fact that this was a really long run for me, or that I have never run that long (time), 15 km was kind of a psychological barrier. That an running for over two hours straight. 15 km took me 2:15 hours to complete. That’s not a very fast […]

  • Day Off

    Today is my first day off in quite a while, if I don’t include Sundays. I don’t even have any errands to run. I did all of my errands yesterday. I might pick up some red tuna today though. The weather is beautiful (35C) and today is the day of my big run. I’ve rested […]

  • 4 KM

    Tonight, I felt the whole week of running in my legs. I wasn’t really feeling it. But instead of not running at all, I decided to run anyways. I notice that a few minutes into my run, most of my aches and pains disappear. It’s like starting a machine. I read about contrast showers and […]

  • 5.2 KM

    I’ve come to realize that my long runs aren’t long enough. So next Tuesday, I’ll run at least 10 km. Maybe more. I don’t think that 10 km will be a problem. However, I’m concerned that I don’t have that many long runs. 6.5 km isn’t really that much. To step up my training, I’ll […]

  • 5.2 KM

    Last night, after my interval training of the night before, I went on a normal run. I have to say that the interval training really tired me out. I am unsure if I will go running tonight. I have run all of the week without a break. I’m starting to feel like I cannot go […]

  • My Training Routine

    I find that having a routine is a great source of motivation. Humans like habits, and I am no exception. I do enjoy a routine. This is what I do before going out on a run. I’ve included what I do after a run as well. I find that each of these items makes training […]

  • 4 KM Interval Training

    Tonight I started doing some more serious interval training. Honestly, I think it was actually a great workout. It took me about 26 minutes to run 4 km. However, in total, I ran 2 km a lot faster than the other 2 km. It was spread out on a lap. So out of each 650m, […]

  • 28.6 KM

    I’ve completed the second full week of training. This last week was a lot better than the week before. I’ve started to get into a rhythm and I’m going to branch out into every day training, instead of taking a few days off a week. I’ve moved into using runner specific ultra light clothing. It […]

  • 6.5 KM

    My usual schedule got a bit mixed up today, as I went to three different interviews all over the city, including Jhonghe (中和市), Shulin (樹林市) and Taipei. I didn’t get to eat until 4PM. Nevertheless, my morning started as usual, with 1L of a kiwi/pineapple smoothie. It was delicious. At around 2PM, I had 700cc […]