Post 15 KM

After my 15km run of last night, I’m feeling pretty good actually. I was expecting to have trouble walking, but it’s not that bad. My hips are hurting. On my legs, my right knee is the worst. I’ll ice it down later today.

I forgot to mention that it was my weigh-in yesterday. My weight is 75kg (165lbs). That’s pretty good. I used to weigh 96 kg (211kg). I’ve lost a lot of fat, 46 lbs pounds worth!

Today is going to be a good day. I’m going into Taipei and teaching for a few hours.

I’m surprised, because I feel good enough to go for a little run later tonight. It will only be a few km, but I’ve worked out a few goals last night, while I was tossing and turning. For some reason, it took me a while to get to sleep. Maybe it was the soreness in my legs.

I’d like to run 5 km in 25 minutes. 10 km in about 50 minutes. And 15 km in an 1:15 hour. Now that I know I can run that much, it’s time to start working on my pace and speed. The easiest one to work on is the 5km in 25 minutes. I run at a leisurely pace, and I take about 36 minutes to complete 5.2 km. I’m sure that I can cut down on that time a lot, if I accelerate.

The bonus of that situation is that 5.2 km will become more of a workout. I also want to do more interval training. I’ll do that on Friday or Saturday. Just like last time, no more than 4-5.2km that way though.

15 KM

I don’t know whether it was the fact that this was a really long run for me, or that I have never run that long (time), 15 km was kind of a psychological barrier.

That an running for over two hours straight. 15 km took me 2:15 hours to complete. That’s not a very fast pace, but I noticed something strange. My legs aren’t used to running that long. So they started to seize up during the second half of the run. Things got pretty bad during the last few laps.

I also noticed that after the first 8 km, the last 7 km weren’t that much of a cardio-vascular effort. It was more a muscular and mental effort. This might be because I wasn’t running fast enough. Anyways, I’m glad I did this. I was hurting towards the end, but I really wanted to press on through.

I first started looking at the clock at around 10:10PM. I had started running at 8:46PM. I rad almost an hour straight. I took walk breaks at laps 10, 15, and 20. I finished up the run with a walk as well.

After my run, I took a contrast shower. I alternated between very hot and very cold. I massaged my legs and back with the spray. It worked pretty well. I felt better afterwards.

It’s been a while since I exercised for over two hours straight. My usual runs are all under an hour. I’ve inching towards longer runs slowly.

Did I over do it a bit? Maybe. I have run 45.1 km in 8 days, with three days off. I did need those days off. I wanted to go out running yesterday, but my left knee was acting up so I didn’t.

I’ve also noticed that I can no longer tolerate vast amounts of cooked food. I’ve thrown out some chicken curries that I had prepared. Usually, it’s not a problem. However, most nights, I eat a plate of veggies, a bit of cheese, some ham and a few fruits. It’s enough.

I’ve noticed more firming up, but I most definitely need to hit the gym a few times a week to add more muscle mass to my legs and my body. I also want to tone my abs.

The last two days, I’ve been having eggs in the morning with some veggies. I’ve noticed that two eggs are enough. I also drank some smoothies. Mostly papaya blended with milk, and OJ blended with some nectarines. Those are good combinations. I’ve also drunk some mango smoothies.

Today, I had two breakfast buns, with eggs, cheese, meat, bacon and veggies. I usually only eat this once a week or once in a few weeks. Today, I didn’t feel like cooking.

My dog Spike also enjoys the rest of my smoothies. I never add sugar, so he can lick those up as well. They make a tasty treat for him. I’ve been wondering on how to increase the fruits in his diet and I think I found the way. He enjoys having them blended.

Hopefully, I won’t be too sore tomorrow morning. For now, I think I’ll keep my long run at 15 km. It’s a good distance and I have room to improve. In good shape, I’m sure that 90 minutes is feasible for that distance, in a non too distant future.

I love how running just clears your head of all of your concerns. You are in the moment and focused. Your mind can wander, but it can never let go of the moment.

Day Off

Today is my first day off in quite a while, if I don’t include Sundays. I don’t even have any errands to run. I did all of my errands yesterday. I might pick up some red tuna today though.

The weather is beautiful (35C) and today is the day of my big run. I’ve rested for the last two days so that I can actually run for over an hour. I’m hoping to run something between 15-20km. That’s something between 23 and 30 laps of my 650m track. I’ll be heading out at around 7PM, after sundown.

I’m kind of excited about it. I didn’t mind not running last night, although I was itching to go. However, my ankle felt sore and my knee needed the rest.

I’ve added a few more training blogs to my feed reader to motivate me. I really enjoy reading. Heather is a fast runner who just completed the Boston marathon and just ran 66.5 miles last week. Diane just completed a 10K race on the weekend. Courntey got a clean bill of health from her doctors. Leana had company on a 10 mile jog this weekend.

4 KM

Tonight, I felt the whole week of running in my legs. I wasn’t really feeling it. But instead of not running at all, I decided to run anyways. I notice that a few minutes into my run, most of my aches and pains disappear. It’s like starting a machine.

I read about contrast showers and found the concept interesting. I’ll try that for my longer runs. I’ve run 6 days this week. Surprisingly, after the runs, I feel fine. I’m not really that tired. I do bandage my knees and ankles, but otherwise I’m fine.

Today I had some breakfast buns, with eggs, bacon, meat, and cheese. Once a week, I have them. Usually, it’s on the weekend and usually it’s when I don’t really feel like making any food. Other than that, some fruits, a lemonade smoothie, a papaya smoothie and some Super Supau.

Super Supau Drink
In addition to water, there are electrolytes and nutrients that are essential for your body. When you feel thirsty, it means you are losing these important elements. Super Supau contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, electrolyte, vitamin C and Bifidusbacteria. Super Supau has the same osmotic pressure as blood and permeates your body system directly, and help quenching your thirst. It would be the best choice to enjoy super Supau any time and at any occasion. Super Supau has conformed to CNS1219 and you can drink it at will without burden. Super Supau Drink comes in various packages with different capacity. You can have more choices any time and at different occasions.

A friend of mine suggested it. It’s nice and light, and pretty cheap for that type of drink. 1.5L bottles are about a buck.

I mistakenly had some food a few hours before my run. I should have just stuck with fruits. It didn’t feel well in my stomach. I usually wait until after the run to eat something, but since it’s the weekend and the first Saturday in a long time that I wasn’t working, things didn’t go as planned.

Anyway, lesson learned.

So my long run will be on Tuesday. I might take Monday off, just to rest. I’m hoping to end the week with about 42km in total for the week. I think that this goal is attainable. I haven’t been overdoing it. Today I most definitely wouldn’t have run more than 4 km. I was followed by another runner most of the run. It was motivating, yet annoying at the same time. He didn’t lap me. I knew I was tired when I started running and had a few breathing issues, which disappeared rapidly.

What do I love about running? It makes me regular. It makes me go to bed earlier, it tires me out, I sleep soundly, I get up early, even on weekends and I have lots of energy.

The key to running marathons is running a 15 mile run each week.

5.2 KM

I’ve come to realize that my long runs aren’t long enough. So next Tuesday, I’ll run at least 10 km. Maybe more. I don’t think that 10 km will be a problem. However, I’m concerned that I don’t have that many long runs. 6.5 km isn’t really that much. To step up my training, I’ll run 6.5 km each day next week. Initially, I was planning on foregoing a rest day, but I might have one anyways. Also, I’m thinking about running more than once a day next week, to see how I like it. I’d still keep the 6.5 km nightly run, but a morning run or afternoon run would be good as well. Since I know that I’m no longer that tired after my runs, it seems something interesting to try.


Today, I had my usual 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie for breakfast. I don’t really mention it, but I do drink one cup of strong milk tea everyday. It’s because it’s in my blood, I’m Indian. Can’t go without it really. I’ve cut down significantly though.

For lunch, I had 100g of a salmon steak that I cooked earlier this week. It was pretty good. I was pretty tired and had the afternoon off, so I dozed off for a few hours. I woke up pretty mixed up. I slept 3hrs. I didn’t feel like running. Yesterday, I managed to power nap, so I felt refreshed. It wasn’t the same today. After the run, I had two slices of ham, some alpha alpha sprouts, an Evian, a Super Supau, an apple soda, an Orangina (I felt like mixing it up a little). I had some cheese as well. Even though I didn’t feel like running, I fixed myself another milk tea and just got on with it. Once I have my running clothes on, there is no backing out of it, so that is what I did at around 8PM.

The run was fine. The last few laps were hard, but that’s because I haven’t planned a rest day this week. I’ve actually been running since Monday. I haven’t taken a break. I usually take breaks. It’s part of a plan to kick my ass into the habit of running or training every day. The interval training of Wednesday was brutal. I’m still recovering from it. Or from the 11km that I have run since. Who knows really?

I ran 5.2km in 38 minutes. Even though I’m tired, I’ve noticed this week that running has gotten easier. I no longer have any breathing problems and the first few laps breeze by. I noticed that I do run at a quick pace in the beginning. I’m hoping that I will be able to sustain this pace for a whole run in the future.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to run at least 40 km this week. I feel that I’m up for this. My short term goal is running 10 km a day (in one run or many runs) and a long run of 20 km. I’ve calculated that with a rest day, that’s about 70 km. I’m not too far from this. I also want to improve my pace. I know that I’m not fast enough and that I could be a lot faster.

5.2 KM

Last night, after my interval training of the night before, I went on a normal run. I have to say that the interval training really tired me out. I am unsure if I will go running tonight. I have run all of the week without a break. I’m starting to feel like I cannot go without a run, so it’s most probably that I’ll run once more tonight. As I have said before, I think that even a little shorter run, is better than no run at all. However, I’ve noticed that once I’ve started, I have trouble stopping before my usual 5.2 km.

The food.

Yesterday, I had 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie. I stopped for lunch at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant names Sarena’s which I like. However, one of the chefs left for India, so the food wasn’t as good as the last time.

I had a mango smoothie afterwards. After my run, I had a dragon fruit, an apple-pear, some cheese and ham and some alpha alpha sprouts as a late light supper.

The run was very tiring. I ran 5.2 km in 39 minutes. It’s a few minutes off my usual time, but I expected that much since I knew that my pace was slower. The last few laps were hard. I couldn’t sprint the last lap as well.

My Training Routine

I find that having a routine is a great source of motivation. Humans like habits, and I am no exception. I do enjoy a routine. This is what I do before going out on a run. I’ve included what I do after a run as well. I find that each of these items makes training easier for me. I enjoy the routines as well. It’s a source of strength and I do look forward to the run, but each of these things actually makes me enjoy the run a bit more.

  1. Put on my running gear
    I put on my shoes, pants, t-shirt. I include putting on knee and ankle support bandages after having sprayed on a liquid form of an analgesic heat rub if I need it.
  2. Walk Spike
    I find that walking Spike is a great warm-up. This is a way of making certain that I go out on a run. If I don’t run, I walk Spike later. If I do go, I walk him at about 8PM.
  3. Put on my Kinsei 2s
    After having walked Spike, I come back home, leave the dog and drink some water. I change into my running shoes. I do this because I walk on grass and dirt during my walk with Spike.
  4. Go for a run
    Easiest step. I warm up a little during the 2 min walk to the park and start running at a preset location.
  5. Come back from the run
    When I finish running, I stretch a little on the way and assess the state of my body. How tired am I? Could I have run more?
  6. Wash clothes
    After each run, I was my workout clothes. Even though they are sweat wicking, they get stinky real quick. Washing them after a run, after they have been completely soaked by sweat, seems sensible.
  7. Take shower
    I take a quick cold shower after my run, to get rid of the grime.
  8. Stretch
    I stretch after my shower, making sure that the muscles feel good.
  9. Post-run
    I usually put on some bandages on the parts of my body that hurt a bit. Before switching to my Kinsei 2s, my ankles and knees were usually sore. I might put an ice-pack on a key area. Tonight, I completely bandaged up my calves because I noticed that they were sore. I spray on some  analgesic heat rub if I need it.
  10. Food
    After a run, I usually have a light meal or a smoothie to replenish my energy. Fruits do the trick for me.

4 KM Interval Training

Tonight I started doing some more serious interval training.

Honestly, I think it was actually a great workout. It took me about 26 minutes to run 4 km. However, in total, I ran 2 km a lot faster than the other 2 km. It was spread out on a lap. So out of each 650m, I ran 400m as fast as possible. Towards the 5th lap, I had to cut down to 200m and my speed was down a lot.

It was a damn good workout. I came out of it with my calves sore, meaning that it was a real effort. It was more of an effort than my 6.5 km run of yesterday. A lot more. Right now, I’m sitting with both of my calves bandaged up, with two pairs of socks. Both of my legs are propped up. I get this nice sore feeling out of them, meaning that they were worked hard.

During my warm-up lap, I felt a bit giddy and nervous, as well as anxious about the upcoming sprint. Initially, I was going to do 650m sprint, 650m jog. I decided to just spread them around. In the end, it was the same amount. It just was better doing it every lap.

Today would usually be my day off running. Yesterday, during my longer run, I decided that I needed to beef up my training regimen, since I solely rely on running. I should go to the gym, but I’ll wait until my wife comes back before going to the gym.

After doing a bit of research, I found that it has been proven by studies that interval training burns up more fat than just plain running.

I enjoy sprinting, you fly like the wind and the wind cools you down. Time flies.

Today I had my usual 1L of a kiwi/pineapple smoothie. I hat a vegetarian pizza with a steaming hot bowl of soup, even if it was 35C, and another mixed fruit smoothie.

When I came home, I had an few apple-pear and some cheese. I had two slices of ham, with some alpha alpha sprouts and some blue cheese. This was very little cheese to be honest, it’s just to add a little taste. I had lots of water and some OJ in between. I think I’ll end the night with a OJ/nectarine smoothie.

28.6 KM

I’ve completed the second full week of training.

This last week was a lot better than the week before. I’ve started to get into a rhythm and I’m going to branch out into every day training, instead of taking a few days off a week.

I’ve moved into using runner specific ultra light clothing. It makes a difference. The typical baselayer is just too heavy for running in 30C weather. My clothes get so wet that I need to wash them immediately after my run. I’ve noticed that my body has also started to firm up nicely. Less flab more muscles.

It feels pretty good to use my body again this way. I’ve seen loads of different effects. More energy, regular sleeping patterns, more stamina and other small good side-effects. I’ve noticed that my flexibility has returned as well. I used to be able to do a split. I’m not there yet, but the stretching after my runs has made an impact.

The Asics Gel Kinsei 2s have made a definite difference. I can recommend them, as my knees and ankles are on the mend.

The runs are easier. My heart rate has probably improved as well.

6.5 KM

My usual schedule got a bit mixed up today, as I went to three different interviews all over the city, including Jhonghe (中和市), Shulin (樹林市) and Taipei. I didn’t get to eat until 4PM.

Nevertheless, my morning started as usual, with 1L of a kiwi/pineapple smoothie. It was delicious. At around 2PM, I had 700cc of a mango smoothie. It was great to combat the 33C and + degree heat with a fierce sun beating down on me.

I had some fruits and a 150g of a salmon steak, lightly cooked in a pan. I seasoned it with some spices, as well as some Thai Tom Yum paste, limes and garlic. It was nice, but I would have liked to have eaten this meal a few hours before. I felt it in my stomach during the run.

The run.

Well, I didn’t really know how much I would run or if I would actually do a longer run. In the end, I just went for the longer run. I slowed the pace during my 8th lap so that I would have enough energy to finish up strongly. It took me 49 minutes to finish my run, and I ended with a sprint. I haven’t sprinted since I last twisted my left ankle during a run. It felt good. I believe that I could have run some more, but I knew that I wanted to conserve my energy since instead of taking a day off tomorrow, I’ll go for a shorter run.

The Asics Gel Kinsei 2s are great on my feet. I recommend them. I haven’t run enough in them to write a full review, but I’ve clocked at least 30km in them and they are nice on my feet. They make you stop thinking about the hurts in your feet. Your feet become a non-issue, which is great when you run a lot.

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