Runner Leana

One of the ways I keep motivated during my training, is to read the blogs of runners. I really enjoy Leana’s blog. She’s an awesome athlete and well into her way to prepare for a marathon in Quebec City, Le Marathon des Deux Rives.

5.2 KM

Last night, I ran another 5.2 km. It went well. I noticed a difference in the way I ran, how my feet felt and a whole lot of other different things. I think that I’m getting used to running. My stamina is getting better.

While I was running, I pondered my training schedule. There is no way that I’ll be ready for a marathon in the end of August. However, I think that I’ll try a half-marathon.


Yesterday, I had 1L of pineapple/kiwi juice. I came home, I had another liter of OJ blended with some nectarines. It’s really nice. Both fruits are sour, so they compliment each other.

I had a steak. I hadn’t eaten a steak in a while. It was New Zealand beef and it was pretty good. I had an apple pear later on.

After the run, I just had more greens in the form of alpha alphra sprouts, a bit of cheese and some chicken. It wasn’t even a spoonful of chicken.

The run was pretty good. Still, it’s not a walk in the park, however I do see that I’m not dead tired after the runs. I didn’t have any asthma either. In fact, I haven’t had any asthma since I came back to Taiwan.

I think it’s been a while since I ran without any obvious discomforts. Last night was like that. No problems in my knees, ankles or anything like that. I’ve decided that even in my off days, I’ll run a little bit. At least 3 km. I want to get the chance to let my body recuperate. However, I don’t want to do nothing. If I was near a gym, I’d go workout. Since that’s not really an issue right now, I’m just going to go for shorter runs.

So in a week, I’ll have run 27.3 km. That’s slightly more than last week’s 26 km. I think I’ll use the off days for some speed or interval training.

There is always this young guy there who really runs fast. He runs a lot. I’m impressed by how in shape he is. I couldn’t sustain his pace for as long as he runs. He must run between 5-8 km when he goes out. Still, he’s not that much faster than I am, since he follows the same track as I do, but in reverse. We meet usually twice per lap and I can see how our paces compare.

5.2 KM

Most people will overeat when eating out. It’s essential to take your time and to eat smaller portions. I’ve taken that mantra with me when I ate out this last week.

Today, I had 1L of kiwi/pineapple blended juice in the morning. I had a 10″ thin crust pizza, with chicken, tomatoes and chilies. I had a vegetable soup to start out with. It was pretty good. From my experience, I think that next time, I’ll only have half of the pizza. The rest, I’ll take with me as a snack.

I had two nectarines, an apple pear when I came home. I didn’t feel too hungry. I got ready for my run. I bought some knee support bandages to keep my knees nice and tight. It worked nicely. My knees have that extra little spring to get back into their usual position.

BTW, I did get the Gel Kinsei 2 from Asics, not the older model. I did notice a difference while walking towards my run. When the heel impacts on the tarmac, there is a nice bounce back. However, since I don’t run like that now, because of my slight feet injuries, I don’t get that benefit. I usually do run like that though, so I’m looking forward to getting that extra bounce.

When I came home, I had a grapefruit and a whole papaya, blended with milk. It was nice and thick and delicious. I might have a few more fruits later on, but it’s already getting late.

Tonight is the 4th of July, and I’m working tomorrow.

The run.

The run was alright. I ran 5.2 km in 38 minutes. I did feel some soreness in my knees and calves while I was running. I noticed that after a while, it goes away. I still notice that my breathing is a bit labored, but once again I think that it’s the heat. It’s about 30C at night.

Personally, a thing that I enjoy is the routine. I like getting ready for the run, walking my dog as a warm-up, bringing him back and putting on my runners. Then walking back to the track and looking at the time on my iPod before starting my run. I always run the same track. It might be boring to some, but for me, it’s all about the run, not what I see. I tend to ignore people and just run on while listening to my music.

This will be my second week of running 5.2 km five times a week. My goal is to run 10km five times a week and have a big 20km run each week. I’m still a long way from being that fit. Next week, I might step it up to 6.5 km five times a week and a10 km run for my long run.

I think that this way, I will build up my stamina, which I know is lacking. It’s not that I’m that tired after the run, it’s just that it’s been a long while since I’ve had this much exercise. I’m still out of shape in my opinion, albeit 40 pounds lighter.

I’ll have to go to the gym three times a week as well to build up some muscles. I want to work on my abs and arms. My legs get enough of a workout. I’ve started to notice that they are getting bulkier, more muscled and defined. That’s good. Still, my legs have always been in shape. It’s the rest of the body that needs work.

5.2 KM

Yesterday, I stopped at the Sogo Asics store and tried on the Asics Kinsei. I’ve read some favorable reviews and a runner blogger that I know has been using Asics Kayano 14s without any problems. I didn’t really feel like hunting for the perfect running shoe. I usually use my ’06 Nike Air Max 360, but lately I don’t think that they are doing the job. Last week, I clocked in about 26km. This week, I’ll probably be close to 30km. I learned back in 2006 that having good running shoes is a must.

It was pretty straightforward. I stopped and parked my scooter, went up a few floors, tried them on and bought them. They don’t really look great. But I honestly didn’t give a rat’s ass about the look. I cared about the impact and the feel.

Anyways, it took a few minutes and I bought them. They were 20% off, which was cool.

My plan was to try them out yesterday, however I decided to take a short nap at about 7PM. I woke up at 10:30PM, decided to forgo the run and walk the dog. Minutes after coming back, I went back to bed. I was still drowsy. I woke up the next day at 7:30AM. I was tired.

Today, my day started with 1L of kiwi/pineapple blended juice from a fruit stand. It’s a great combination. For lunch, I had a chicken tikka masala, with two chappatis. I had three samosas and some pickles as well at Sarena’s. It’s a great Indian eatery in Shida. I recommend it. I did overeat a bit. I will have to watch this the next time I eat there. When I arrived home, I wasn’t hungry. I had 5 nectarines later. Then I ran. After my run, I had 2 grapefruits, 1 apple pear, a few bits of chicken, some ham and some blue cheese. I then blended some papaya with milk to make my final shake of the day. I find that I eat at most one cooked meal a day. The rest is raw food.

The run. Well, I stashed 500cc of water on my track in order to hydrate. I think it was more of a distraction than anything else. For 5.2 km, I don’t really need hydration. Probably for longer runs I will need more water. The bottle was annoying to carry, since I took it up a few times to hydrate, then I waited for an appropriate spot to dump it. Anyways, I drank most of the water after the run. It felt strange in my stomach during the run. The Kinsei’s were fine and dandy, but honestly I didn’t really feel them. Maybe that was the point. I didn’t feel them at all on my feet. Both of my feet have slight injuries. I slightly twisted my left ankle on a run a week ago. My right foot was twisted during a scooter incident a few weeks ago. They didn’t bother me.

I did notice that my calves were a bit sore, even after two days off. My right knee is still bothering me, but I’m sure that it will be fine in a few days. I ran 5.2 km in 38 minutes. Before I knew it, I was already on my 5th lap. From then on finishing wasn’t a problem. I definitely didn’t feel like doing anything more. Given the state of my body, I probably could have.

Running with the little injuries is annoying. I wish they would just go away and let me be. I guess that’s the life of a runner.


Today was another good day for running. I ran 5.2 KM in 32 minutes, which was my time for yesterday’s 4.55KM. Not bad considering that I’m not 100%. There are a few serious runners using the park as a training ground. I run laps on a predetermined route. It’s very close to home and gives me the option of running more than I originally had planned.

Tonight I was feeling yesterday’s run in my body. It didn’t take long before I felt it. It started out mostly by breathing harder than usual. However I managed to pull through.

I’d like to be able to go on a 10KM run by the end of the week. I don’t know if I’ll be at that level by then, but I’m aiming for it. Once again, I couldn’t do any interval training or sprints because of my injured foot. However I maintained a steady pace throughout the run.

Tonight, I’m feeling the runs of the weekend. I hope that some rest and a day at work will be enough for me to recuperate. I plan on running tomorrow night as well.

Today, I ate some red tuna sashimi, some bean sprouts, about a liter of OJ, lots of water, an egg, an apple pear, some litchis, a marlin steak pan cooked with onions and garlic in a tom yum sauce. We also had a brocoli and bean sprout salad to start off the evening meal. Usually, I would have just eaten fruits but my wife was hungry, so I obliged with a nice healthy meal.

The marlin steaks were good. The meat is very dense and filling. A small steak is enough to fill me up. I did overcook it a bit. Next time, I’ll try cooking it just for a few minutes. The meat is similar to the red tuna meat, so I think that it doesn’t really need to be cooked that much. However I’ve tried marlin sashimi and I didn’t like it.

A chicken breast curry is on this week’s menu. I’ll probably make a green curry. I bought some peanut satay sauce to try out with some grilled meat. This week, I also plan on drinking a lot of fresh squeezed Sunkist orange juice. I wonder if the shop that I buy it from will give me a rebate if I buy 2L a day? Just kidding, but I’ll most probably drink 2L of the stuff tomorrow. It’s just insanely good and filled with vitamins.

Today I learned that I fit quite nicely in medium sized shirts from Asia. Asia’s sizes are a bit smaller than North America’s. However I’m very surprised that I fit in those shorts. My wife bought me one and it fit well. The shirts that she bought me last year were all XL and don’t fit me now. They are too loose.

This weekend, I ran almost 10KM. I think it’s time to get some Ascics Kinsei. I’d like to get a few new running t-shirts and shorts.