Dyslexic Eyes

Picking up my new prescription tomorrow

I was really annoyed on Saturday when I picked up my glasses on Saturday.

But wait, let me tell you exactly what happened since Wednesday.

When I got my glasses on Wednesday, they were fine. However, the lenses didn’t fit tight enough and made squeaky sounds when I held the frames. I demonstrated this to the store and they promptly took them back on Friday to replace the lenses. They wanted to replace just one lens, but I showed them how both lenses were squeaky, the right one slightly less than the left one. Still, it was annoying and I was wondering when the lenses would just pop out.

I picked them up on Saturday. Both lenses had been replaced, at the store’s expense. I tested them and was sure that they were fit pretty snug, so I took them home. A few hours later, I realized that I no longer had 20/10 vision; my left eye was noticeably fuzzy compared to a few days earlier. I dropped off my glasses at the store on Sunday, telling them that the left eye’s lens was wrong.

Today, I went to the store again. They made me pass another eye exam. It turns out that my left eye’s prescription has slightly changed.

I have dyslexic eyes.

In actuality, I think that since I wear an old prescription at home and I rarely wear my contacts inside, my eyes have gotten used to not seeing very sharp. It’s always slightly blurry. This is tricky because it has to do with the astigmatism, not the nearsightedness. Anyway, since the left eye’s lens needs to be replaced, I’ll get the right prescription tomorrow.

While I was there, I spotted another pair of frames that I wouldn’t mind buying.

So in total, I’ll have made 7 trips to the store instead of just the customary 2. Lucky they’re just down the street.

Taiwan Land of the Four Eyes

My new Gucci eyeglasses

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped at the usual optometrist store. I bought the cleaning solution, AO Sept, that I use for my disposable lenses. I use the liquid every day, since I take out my contacts every night, ―sometimes I only wear them for a few hours. It fizzes and bubbles the accumulated proteins away, letting me easily use a disposable Acuvue daily for a few months. I didn’t take this route lightly. Johnson & Johnson was sued by people in the US because their daily products were the same as their monthly disposable contact lenses. The only difference was that you pay a lot more for the monthly ones.

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Contact Lenses In Asia

It was time again to get some new contacts. After a visit to the ophthalmologist, I went to the nearest shop conveniently located next door.

I have astigmatism on top of myopia. General purpose contact lenses don’t work I had been wearing my monthly throwaway lenses for almost a year. It’s not recommended, but I finally got my health card and went through the motions.

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