Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock: The Empire Needs a Turntable

The Empire’s AT-ATs are wondrous, and that’s probably why I’ve seen them represented in so many different ways. This Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock mashes up old vinyl records and AT-ATs for an awesome combination.

at at vinyl clock notbylaser

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Volkswagen Microbus Meets AT-AT: Camper Van Hothoven

I can already see a storyline evolving in my mind of a poor, lonesome AT-AT Imperial Walker on the run from those pesky rebels, deciding to make babies with a Volkswagen bus and start a family.

at at volkswagen microbus

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AT-AT Storms Chicago: Must Have Thought it Was Hoth

What would it be like if an Imperial AT-AT Walker turned up in a major US city? That’s what artist Tony Bamber asked himself before creating this awe-inspiring digital vista of an AT-AT about to stomp on Chicago’s Loop “L” train, before heading North to cross the Chicago River.

tony bamber at-at art design star wars imperial walker chicago

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AT-AT Walker Stroller: For Babies Born on Hoth

While this isn’t recent (it actually dates back to 2007), it’s still fun. With parents spending way too much on strollers, it’s cool to see this Imperial AT-AT Walker Stroller in capable hands, and built on a budget.

rick russo star wars imperial walker at-at stroller baby

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Adorable Lego AT-AT: He’ll Still Work for the Empire When He Grows Up

Angus MacLane created this cute little AT-AT for a contest on LEGO Star Wars enthusiast-site From Bricks to Bothans. It was part of a ‘Chibi‘ contest, meaning that the LEGO sculptures had to be shrunk to look like smaller, cuter versions of themselves.

angus maclane chibi adorable at-at imperial walker star wars empire

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Building A Life-Sized AT-AT: Utter Craziness?

We’ve just started to see some powered exoskeletons, and they are still pretty clunky affairs. So how can we even think about starting to build a real AT-AT? That doesn’t seem to faze the Mike Koehler, the man behind AT-AT for America – a campaign to build a fully-functional full-size AT-AT.

at-at usa america tumblr imperial walker fantasy science-fiction

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AT-AT Snow Sculpture Holds Up to Little Kids, But Not a Rebel Attack

I know that making AT-ATs out of snow has been one way of using up some of the massive snowfall that’s been plaguing the U.S. this season, but I have to say that this one from Norway actually looks pretty awesome too.

at at imperial walker snow sculpture fun mexican viking

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Pimp My AT-AT

The Empire’s Imperial Walkers were always awesome, there’s no denying it. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks so. But designer Steven Anderson has come up with a few different designs to make them look a bit cooler as they stomp. That drab, gray paint job didn’t really do them justice on the icy white backdrop of Hoth.

steven anderson restyled at-at star wars imperial walker

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AT-AT Made From Recycled Computer Parts: Blue Screen of Hoth

This awesome-looking AT-AT was created by Sage Werbock. He is an expert welder and blacksmith. Sage put this AT-AT together using scrap parts salvaged from old computers and some sheet metal. I have to say that the result looks pretty impressive.

star wars at at imperial walker computer parts

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Watch Out Where the AT-ATs Go, Don’t Eat That Yellow Snow!

Yes, there’s a lot of snow right now and it can be a pain, especially if you’re not used to receiving that much of it at the same time. Personally, even though I’m currently living in Taipei, I love snow. I used to live in Quebec, Canada, and the last year I was there, we had a record snowfall of 16.4′. Well, if you’ve got so much snow around, then go take your AT-AT Imperial Walker for walkies. They like this weather.

at-at star wars in training snow trooper hoth

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