Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Windows Phone Enters the Smartphone Wars

While hardware is important when deciding on your next smartphone, the OS and apps also have a lot do to with it. This is one thing that Apple understood well with the iPhone, as has Android. The new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone looks gorgeous, and runs the latest version of the Windows Phone OS. But will its looks and 4G LTE connectivity be enough to make it a true contender in the smartphone wars, given the relatively small impact Windows Phone has had on the market to date?

Nokia Lumia 900 02

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Verizon Will Sell The iPhone in 2011

If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably been frustrated with AT&T’s coverage. We’ve heard hundreds of different complaints about how the aging network can’t handle all those iPhones. Well, no need to worry, because we’ve got some good news. Verizon will sell the iPhone in 2011.

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ZERO: AT&T’s New Anti-Vampire Device Plug

032210_rg_ATTZero_01.jpgIf there’s one thing that needs optimization, it’s the dreaded cable squid that’s located underneath your desk. When you only have a few devices, it’s not a problem. But when you have a plethora of plugged devices, it becomes a lot harder to manage. AT&T will try and help you optimize your plug problem with their new plug, the ZERO.

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AT&T’s MicroCell Gets 3G Service to iPhones Everywhere

092309_rg_microcell_01.jpgThe iPhone is exclusive to AT&T, this isn’t really news to anyone. However, the spotty 3G service has been a pain for a lot of iPhone users, especially in their homes. We all know the reason: AT&T’s network isn’t geared up to deal with the daily use that usual iPhone owners put their mobiles through. Is MicroCell a solution to this?

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