Audiophile Headphones: When Speakers Are Impossible

010612_rg_HifiHeadphones_01.jpgIf you love music or tend to listen to it a lot, then you’re probably considering getting some high-end speakers at some point. The main problem with this is that we’re currently living abroad, and buying something large bulky just doesn’t work. We need something portable, so instead we’re currently looking at high-end headphones. They are a lot cheaper, but you could still end up paying over $1,000.

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Charles’ AirTouch Workstation: Audiophile’s Paradise

This PC workstation is minimal and compact, while still oozing with style, thanks to the Steelcase AirTouch desk, that becomes a standing desk with a touch, and the floating monitor. Charles is a self-confessed audiophile, and while not all of his gear is installed, what he has already got is impressive.

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Jason Plumb’s Enhance Speakers: Horn-Loaded Goodness for Desktops

There’s something to be said about good desktop speakers for your workstation. Although I prefer to use headphones, speakers are still necessary when you want to watch a movie or play some tunes with friends around. Jason Plumb came up with these crazy-looking speakers he calls Enhance.


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High End Earphones: Superior Sound For Audiophiles

041511_rg_HighendEarphones_01.jpgOne of the most annoying things when you are going around town or working out is to constantly readjust your earphones into the optimal place and not getting the right kind of sound from your earphones. No matter what you think, if you’re on a bike or running, then earphones are the way to go to keep your headphones on. Nowadays, high end earphones will allow you to listen to your music as well or even better than on your speakers.

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