Nissan 3E Augmented Reality Glasses: Drive Like a Cyborg

I find that receiving too much information while I’m driving can be a major distraction, but I guess that Nissan thinks that Japanese drivers can handle it. They’ve just unveiled their own augmented reality glasses which appear to compete directly with Google Glass.

nisssan 3e ar glasses 620x452

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Canon MREAL “Mixed Reality” Head-Mounted Display: Seamless AR Comes at a Price

Augmented/virtual reality headsets are nothing new, but Canon will finally throw its hat into the ring by launching its MREAL augmented reality HMD system in the USA on March 1st. Sadly though, unless you’re a developer or have plenty of cash to burn, you won’t be using one anytime soon.

canon ar mreal system

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Augmented Reality Glasses Are The New Interface: The Matrix Is Here

Augmented reality systems promise to populate the world with information, viewable through special glasses. While most people are waiting to see what pops out of Google Glass, there are many other companies working on these systems.

meta ar glasses virtual tracking camera photo

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MIRAGE Substitutional Reality System: One Step Closer to Total Recall

This “substitutional reality system” was developed by the Japanese Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute. It was created to fuse performance art with perceived reality for its wearer. While it’s doesn’t produce the sort of directly implanted memories seen in Total Recall, the visual and audio portions are immersive enough to trick your mind anyhow.

mirage substitional augmented reality japan

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iOptik Dual-Focus Contact Lenses Could Revolutionize Head-Mounted Displays

These new high-tech contact lenses were developed by the Innovega Technology Manufacturing Lab, and they permit users to focus simultaneously on objects that are close up and far away, which could dramatically improve the ability to use tiny portable displays while still interacting with your real-world surroundings.

ioptik contact lenses 01

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Vuzix STAR 1200 Augmented Reality Glasses: Terminator Vision Ready to Go

I like augmented reality a lot better than 3D, and hopefully these augmented reality capable glasses will become common place pretty soon. Vuzix‘s STAR stands for See-Through-Augmented-Reality and describes these glasses perfectly since they’ve got transparent displays, kind of like the head’s up display you see in some high-end cars.

vuzix 1200 star augmented reality glasses

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3DS Augmented Reality Tattoo: Forever on His Forearm

A guy going by the name CBZ decided promptly when he got himself a Nintendo 3DS last week that the first thing he needed to do was to run out and get himself an augmented reality tattoo. I’m kind of amazed that he went through the whole thing, but it’s something that you’ll have to judge for yourself.

augmented reality nintendo 3ds tattoo cbz mii

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Ubimark Integrates Hyperlinks Into Books Using QR Codes

While it seems that books are on the way out, we don’t believe that paper books will ever completely disappear. The tactile response and the feeling that you get from a book is hard to replicate with technology. A company has now started integrating QR codes into print media, which can be read by cell phones. These are like bar codes and can encapsulate a lot of information, like hyperlinks.

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Worksnug: Find Free WiFi Hotspots Using Augmented Reality

With more and more coffee shops asking you to pay for WiFi, it’s getting annoying to open up your laptop and find the internet hidden behind a pay wall. That’s why I thought that WorkSnug was so cool. It finds WiFi connections for you using your iPhone and augmented reality.


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Augmented Reality Tattoo Can Fly Off!

All this talk about augmented reality is cool, but this is a really cool application of this technology. The design basically involved tattooing a simple barcode onto someone’s arm.

thinkanapp augmented reality tattoo

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