Is Taiwan’s Robot Army Ready to Invade China?

These new robots from the Taiwan-based Aurora Group are set to invade China. Well, that’s not exactly what they’re doing there. They’ll be shown in Shanghai at the World Expo. Still, Shanghai is in China, so you never know what those ‘bots might be up to.


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Source Of Northern Lights Found By String Of Satellites

The source of auroras has been found by a string of satellites named Themis. Auroras are bright dancing lights that fill polar skies.

The original energy source for the aurora is the solar wind, a stream of charged plasma that billows from the Sun and deforms the Earth’s magnetic field, producing a long ‘magnetotail’ on the far side of the Earth.

While coronal mass ejections can cause larger plasma storms that last for more than 24 hours, deformation of the magnetotail can create smaller substorms that last just a few hours.