Nissan Robot Car Acquires License: Skynet Is Just Around The Corner

Nissan seems keen to give Google a run for their money in the autonomous vehicle technology category, and the Japanese giant is working hard at creating functional robot vehicles for 2020 and beyond.

nissan robot car 620x413

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Drones For Journalism Not War

Drones are starting to be used for more than war and espionage these days. Even journalism schools are trying to harness them, by offering classes on drone reporting, despite that this practice is illegal for professional journalists.

drones journalism remote lab

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Unmanned Air Force X-37B Space Plane Lands Itself at Vandenberg Base


Early Saturday morning, an unmanned Air Force space plane landed by itself at a California military base, wrapping up a 15-month clandestine mission. The spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in March 2011 and conducted in-orbit experiments during the mission. This was the second autonomous landing at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is located 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

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FishPi Drone Relies on Inexpensive Raspberry Pi Computer to Cross the Ocean

With all this talk about unmanned drones, it was only a matter of time before a couple of interesting projects would surface. Check out FishPi, an unmanned water vessel which will run a cheap Raspberry Pi computer to try and cross the Atlantic Ocean. Will it succeed?

fish pi raspberry drone autonomous ocean

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Wave Glider Autonomous Robot Ship Fleet: Ready to Invade Your Shores

On November 17th, Liquid Robotics launched four of its Wave Gliders from San Francisco. These are autonomous robotic ships that will brave the seas all alone, with no support vessels.

wave glider robot liquid robotics crossing pacific ocean

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Spiderbot Hector Robot Ready to Take on Spider-Man

Making humanoid robots might seem cool, but it’s ultimately problematic between the balancing issues and the potential for replacing us humans. So it’s always interesting to see some non-humanoid robot concepts. Hector (which stands for HExapod Cognitive auTonmously Operating Robot) is about 3.3 feet long and looks like a robot from the future, but it’s currently under construction in Germany.

hector hexapod robot spiderbot bielefeld autonomous

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