OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses

The OriHime robot was developed in Japan by Kentaro Yoshifuji, an engineering student at Waseda University, and it attempts to takes the robotic form to a sexy new level. While it has a more feminine form than the typical ‘bot, it definitely won’t be putting Victoria’s Secret models out of a job anytime soon.

orihime robot poses

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Turn Yourself Into James Cameron’s Avatar

While the technology to make your own genetic or robotic Avatar isn’t yet available, you can turn yourself into the image of an Avatar by using a handy new website from the guys at McDonald’s. Impress all of your friends with your own custom-made Avatar!

avatar avatarize yourself website fun digital imaging james  cameron

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Anybots QB Robot Avatar: Not Quite As Advanced As James Cameron’s

While this is just the first step towards giant blue genetically engineered avatars, it’s still kind of creepy to think that you can just log onto this skinny little ‘bot,  take control of it and make it do what you want from afar – seeing what it sees through its “eyes.”

robot avatars telepresence video conference robotics anybots

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Awesome LEGO Avatar Helicopter With A Hidden Twist

If you didn’t already have enough of James Cameron’s Avatar, you can get more of it thanks to this awesome LEGO Avatar Battle Helicopter. Before you start drooling, there’s more to it than meets the eye, so read on!

lego avatar toy helicopter technics

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Guy Turns Himself Into One Of James Cameron’s Avatars

One designer from Copenhagen decided that he’d want his own Avatar after watching James Cameron’s epic film.

peter ammentorp navi avatar james cameron

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Avatar Raked In 232 Million This Weekend

Reuters reports that James Cameron’s Avatar made 232.n million this weekend. Here’s what I thought of it.

Avatar Review

Jake and his Navi/human body double

I saw Avatar and wasn’t disappointed. It was definitely worth watching. During the first hour, I kept thinking that this is exactly what would happen when we discover a planet filled with other sentient beings that didn’t have our level of technology. We’d try to exploit them as soon as they had something that we want.

I think that it’s related to the way our capitalist society works. I can see the US going to war on other planets for resources and to stop alien terrorists from bombing us. Our economy is heading towards the creation and development of mega-corporations. These entities don’t have any morals and are governed by a lust for profit. They are inhuman and shouldn’t represent us, especially when we start venturing out of the solar system.

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