Chinese Dude Builds Awesome Iron Man Mark I Suit

This Iron Man Mark I suit was built by a Chinese guy named Wang Xiao Kang, and he built it from scratch. That’s saying a lot because this suit looks pretty darn great. Wang says that he had no prior DIY experience, but from the look of his suit, it’s pretty much on the mark when it comes to faithfulness.

wang xiao kang iron man suit diy amazing tony stark cosplay

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Katie West & The Awesome Police

I thought that this quote was pretty awesome when I read it on her blog:

And thank you. Stop being so awesome. I hear it’s going to become illegal soon. And then the Awesome Police will be after you, and if they’re anything like the Cute Police, you better watch yourself. I’ve had many dealings with the Cute Police on behalf of my cat Bruce, and they’re no walk in the park, let me tell you! They’re brutal! Brutal and unforgiving! And I’m sure the Awesome Police will be no different. Mark my words.

BTW, she just broke her camera and needs help to get it fixed, so use to PayPal her some love.