The Aston Martin of Strollers is Actually an Aston Martin

Aston Martin does make some beautiful cars, but let’s be honest, not many people can afford them. Maybe that’s the reason why you should get your baby the Aston Martin of strollers. Yes, Aston Martin actually makes a stroller – and it might be the only way you can ever afford an Aston.

aston martin stroller silver cross surf babies

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AT-AT Walker Stroller: For Babies Born on Hoth

While this isn’t recent (it actually dates back to 2007), it’s still fun. With parents spending way too much on strollers, it’s cool to see this Imperial AT-AT Walker Stroller in capable hands, and built on a budget.

rick russo star wars imperial walker at-at stroller baby

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Star Wars Kid Baddies: Growing Up on the Dark Side

We recently learned what superheroes might have looked like when they were young (actually before they were born). Now we get to see the evil characters from Star Wars when they were little kids.

octopus treehouse star wars baddies kids fun prints retro

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Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow

When you’ve got little ones coming in and out of your bedroom, you need to have some kind of night light around. While most night lights are pretty standard and will work well, we like how this hack enables you to create a lighting solution that will cast a discreet ambient glow, perfect for when kids need them or when you come home late when your partner is already asleep.

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Babies And Weddings


Analogies to live by, by Justin Feinstein

Bringing dogs to weddings also sucks. (via swissmiss)