Lomography Diana Baby 110: This Lomo Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

What’s there not to love about Lomography and their various low-fi cameras. Sure, your smartphone probably has nicer resolution, but the analog flavor of these little cameras is hard to beat, even with Instagram’s retro effect filters.

diana 110 baby lomography lomo camera

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Star Wars Babies: Like Muppet Babies… in Spaaaace

Have you ever wondered what the baby-versions of your favorite Star Wars characters would sound like? Well Sarah Allen of Modern Home Prints sure did. She put together these cute prints that prospective Star Wars fan’s parents can use to decorate their themed nurseries with.

baby chewie

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Dog & Baby

Initially, pretty cute
Still pretty cute
Dog hug to full on hug, looks slightly dangerous
Still very cute
Now that's pretty darn cute

It kind of looks like a Neopolitan mastiff puppy, but I’m not sure. Still, I wonder if the third photo is all that safe. These dogs can be extremely heavy but it’s still cute.

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AFFETTO Robot Head Will Creep You Out

I know that this isn’t really supposed to have anything to do with Halloween or scaring people, but what the heck guys, this robot baby head is really disturbing, especially when the guy starts moving the head around and the baby comes alive.

japan osaka robot scary head expressions emotions baby

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Ritmo Womb Speakers Will Delight Your Unborn Child

011510_rg_RitmoWomb_01.jpgIf you’re looking for the perfect way of developing the mind of your unborn child, look no further, because the Ritmo womb speakers will send sound waves directly to your baby.

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November 18 2008

Maya and her mom Rukmini
Maya and her mom Rukmini