Nike Teases with Air Mag: Back to the Future Shoes to Become Reality?

How much would you pay for a pair of Nike Air Mags, aka the Marty McFly shoes in Back to the Future II? I don’t know, but since Nike also patented power laces (laces that will tighten themselves), I’m expecting something big in the coming weeks on the sneaker front.

back to the future shoes nike sneakers air mag marty mcfly

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Irinia Werning’s Back to the Future

Irina Werning captures some nice photos

Lovely photos taken by Irina Werning in which she re-imagines and retakes old snapshots when the subjects were just children.

Nike Air Mag Marty McFly to Become A Reality?

Remember those awesome kicks from Back to the Future Part II? You know, the ones that laced themselves up automatically? After seeing this DIY hack, it’s impressive that Nike has actually been working on a design for these shoes.

marty mcfly nike power laces back to the future

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Back to the Future Hoverboard Is Finally Real, and No, You Can’t Ride It

Apparently the hoverboard that I’ve always wanted has finally become reality. It was made by Nils Guadagnin for a Back to the Future exhibition.

hoverboard back to the future marty mcfly art design levitation

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