Embedding an RFID Transit Card Inside Your iPhone

After seeing Dhani Sutanto from London embedding a RFID Transit Card into a ring, Becky from Adafruit thought that it would be a cool idea to try and embed one into her iPhone.

rfid chip antenna iphone embed

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Case Cord iPhone Case for Gadget Fashionistas

Ever wanted to match your iPhone’s case with your wardrobe? I actually know a lot of people who do this, and this case takes the possible customization a bit further. At the end, it will match your clothes, but you most probably will have to sacrifice some of your old clothes to make it happen.

case cord iphone clothes backplate

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Cukui Wooden iPhone Backplate Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

If you’ve gotten tired of your iPhone 4′s or 4S’ minimal glass back, then check out Cukui’s wooden backplate, which will surely jazz things up a bit. Just like other backplates, it’s a great alternative to a case to get that custom look you’ve desired.

cukui wood backplate iphone koa 01

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