How to Keep Water out of Any Canvas Bag

When it comes to bags and backpacks, the holy grail is a bag that’s completely waterproof, to protect all of your precious gadgets from rain and snow. Check out what Allen Mowery at DIY Photography has come up with. It’s an easy way to make any canvas bag water-resistant.

coating wax mixture

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Luxford St’s LEGO Block Bag: Not Official, Still Officially Awesome

I have to say that even though I’m no longer a kid, I still love LEGO bricks. They are great for building pretty much anything you get your mind set on, and you don’t always need the fancy kits to make great stuff. This LEGO bag isn’t official LEGO merch, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

luxford st lego brick bag

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SmithFly Digi Pouch: Your Gadgets Can Go Fishing!

I’m a bit paranoid about getting my tech gear wet. I don’t mind using my phone in a light drizzle, but after a while, you have to pocket it. Have you ever been worried about getting your precious electronics wet? Then check out the this carrying pouch, which is supposed to keep all of your gadgets safe from the elements.

digi pouch

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Tumi Dror Backpack: The Transformer Bag

It’s probably happened to you. You’re walking along with a briefcase or other bag and realize that it’s getting too heavy. You wish that you had taken a backpack. That’s the basic idea behind the Dror Backpack from Tumi. This expandable and transformable backpack will give you the best of all bag worlds – for a price.

dror backpack tumi transformer

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Floppy Disk Bags Have More Storage Capacity Than You Remember

Remember floppy disks? Seems like I last used one a very long time ago, and they’ve gotten quite useless since USB flash drives amped up the storage capacity. That didn’t stop Etsy store owner Roxanne Gibson of trying to find a way to reuse all of those forgotten floppy disks to create some whimsical and geeky bags.

roxanne gibson geekki boutikki floppy disk bag

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MacCase Vintage Leather Flight Jacket Carries All Your Apple Gear

I was talking with a colleague yesterday and we both agreed that we took our laptops out of our homes a lot less since we got iPads. That being said, there’s always a place for a cool iPad and laptop bag, one that lets you store a few things on top of that thin tablet computer.

maccase vintage leather backpack mac

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Killspencer Dopp Folio: For Gadgets & Grooming, Say What?

I’ve never thought about mixing my shaving cream with my gadgets, but that didn’t stop Killspencer from thinking of a way of doing this, thanks to their new Dopp Folio, which does double duty as a carrier for your grooming stuff or your travel gadgets.

killspencer dopp folio grooming 01

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Mission Workshop Weatherproof Fitzroy Rucksack Protects Your Precious Laptop

The holy grail in laptop bags is finding one that’s completely weatherproof and still manages to look good. Having a completely weatherproof bag can put your mind at ease, especially if you lug your tablet and laptop around daily. The Fitzroy Rucksack from the Mission Workshop is such a bag and it’s available now.

mission workshop fitzroy rucksack backpack weatherproof laptop tablet

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Normincies Aluminum Reinforced Laptop Bag: Ready to Rumble

Since I got a new MacBook Pro 17, I’ve always been concerned about traveling with it. My last laptop’s lid got a bit scratched up in a backpack when I hadn’t been careful about what I put inside of it. This won’t be the case with these bags from Normincies. They come with a band of aluminum that protects the sides and doubles as a handle.

bag laptop normancies finland aluminum

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Retrovelo Bicycle Frame Bag

Retrovelo bicycle frame bag

Retrovelo’s Frame Bag looks like a great bag to get for the office commute. It saves you the trouble of getting a rack. It’s made out of 2mm thick leather and has enough space for A4-sized documents, as well as laptops.

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