Bloon Balloon: A New Way to Get Into Orbit

I was pretty disappointed that when NASA’s space shuttle program (STS) was shut down, they didn’t have a replacement ready to go. The replacement was actually canceled last October due to budgetary constraints. Nevertheless, check out this ingenious way to get into space, using a balloon instead of a rocket, so going into space won’t be as rough as you first imagined.

bloon balloon space travel orbit barcelona spain zero2infinity

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Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon: The Dark Side Feels Light-Headed

While I’ve always liked Darth Vader, I don’t think I ever would have thought about creating a hot air balloon out of his helmet. That’s what Belgian balloonists Benoit and Michel Lambert did when they commissioned Cameron Balloons to build this Darth Vader Balloon, after getting the official approval of Lucasfilm.

darth vader balloon hot air star wars michael benoit lambert

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SEED Concept: Your Personal Automonous Floating Camera Drone

The SEED is an autonomous, mobile camera balloon created to take photos and video of you while you’re on vacation, but I honestly see a lot of Big Brother implications. It also reminds me of the Kinos in Stargate Universe. This unique spin on the blimp drone was designed by Moonhwan Lee.

seed blimp drone camera concept moonhwan lee

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The Dyson Balloon Accelerator: No, You Can’t Ride In It.

A couple of engineers from Dyson decided to build a balloon accelerator, which uses Dyson Air Multiplier fans to speed along a balloon on its merry way, kind of like what a particle accelerator does, albeit at a much slower speed.

dyson balloon air multiplier video accelerator

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Balloon Music Speaker: Sharing Music Has Never Been Easier

052709_rg_musicballoon_01.jpgIf you are trying to share music with your friends, you’d need some kind of a dock. The problem is that most docks are bulky and it’s not something that you’d take with you when you are going out of your home. Now, sharing your music has never been easier thanks to this balloon music speaker. It’s handy and fits in your pocket. It will allow you to play your music anywhere and anytime.

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