UVeBand: Don’t Get Singed By the Sun

The sun can get pretty intense depending on where you live. If that is a concern for you, then you should check out this band, which will hopefully help keep you from getting singed from the sun.

uveband sun exposure band

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Syre Smartwatch Band Adds Bluetooth to iPod Nano

After Pebble’s resounding success, it was only a matter of time before more inventors would try and get smartwatches made through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding. The Syre is a watch band for your iPod Nano, with the distinct advantage of having Bluetooth neatly integrated.

syre smartwatch band ipod nano

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Macro Cell Lens Band Lets Your Smartphone Get Up Close and Personal

I’ve never been one to add gizmos to my smartphone, but this handy little macro lens band does make a lot of sense, especially if you are using your cell phone to take a lot of close-ups. The added benefit is that it doesn’t cost much, but looks effective.

macro lens iphone band cell photojojo

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Hex iPod Nano Watch Actually Doesn’t Look Half Bad, Makes Me Want An iPod Nano

I never really was that interested in an iPod Nano, but this little watch band might make me change my mind. It basically makes your iPod Nano look like a bona fide watch. Plus, it also looks pretty good.

hex ipod nano apple watch band

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Thunderheist is a Canadian electro-ish band, with a style that’s hard to describe. The “Jerk It” video clip is pretty hypnotic. I like ’em.