Illegal Art

Nice stencil work by LES, via tumbl p0ps
Nice stencil work by LES, via tumbl p0ps

All of those cities getting tough on graffiti vandals are imbeciles in my book. Instead of arresting street thugs, they are punishing artists like UTAH (Danielle Bremner) who got arrested and will serve 6 months in jail. In March, Yoshimoto Nara was arrested in NYC.

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The Daily Mail Tries To Unmask Graffiti Artist Banksy

The Daily Mail tries to unmask the legendary graffiti artist Banksy.

Banksy Strikes Again

Banksy strikes again with his biggest London mural right underneath a CCTV camera! (via TomHawk)

Banksy On Essex Road

Banksy painted new art on Essex Road. The sketch for the street painting fetched 195000£.