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Using Tech in Bathrooms: Heaven or Hell?

While we’ve used tech in bathrooms from time to time, we haven’t installed anything permanent in our bathrooms, at least for now. But what kind of tech would you like to use in your bathroom? Does it even make any sense? Some people use tech in the bathroom freely, but most of us keep it out of there. What would you like to see in your bathroom?

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Rami Tareef’s Green Shower Concept Will Save Water

021910_rg_GreenShower_01.jpgIt’s a given that we waste a lot of water in the bathroom, most notably in the shower. We heat up water and it goes down the drain. There have been some systems that recycle and reuse this gray water in other ways, but all in all, no real benchmark.

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Japanese Machine Turns Office Paper Into Toilet Paper

012910_rg_WhiteGoat_01.jpgAlthough this isn’t yet a fully developed application for homes, it might become at some point in the future. We were really amazed at how this Japanese machine could turn discarded paper into toilet paper.

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The Egg Shower By Arina Komarova

Looking for a different sort of shower? We were quite impressed when we saw this egg-shaped shower. Even though most showers are either square or circular, this kind of makes sense to us. Why? Read on to find out more.

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Tentacle Shower Head Makes Bathroom Decor Less Boring

101609_rg_tentacleshower_01.jpgLove it or hate it, it doesn’t matter. What’s sure is that this shower head will get a reaction out of everyone. Plus, the idea of having multiple movable jets like that seems kind of logical, even if it’s slightly disturbing.

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