Batman 2022: Way Better Than I Expected From The Twilight Universe

The release of the new Batman movie came and passed, and to be honest, I wasn’t that interested as soon as I heard that the titular role had been taken over by Robert Pattinson, infamous for his Twilight fame. It didn’t help the movie that it was about three hours long. However, it’s very good.

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Polygon Heroes: Hulk Smash(ed)!

Superhero art rarely gets old, and these Polygon Heroes by New Zealand artist James Reid really hit the spot thanks to the fact that you can easily recognize the heroes right away, despite being broken down into primitive shapes.

polygon heroes 1

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Fully Functioning Batmobile Replica Lets You Ride Home In Style

This officially-licensed 1966 Batmobile replica isn’t as destructive as the 21st century Batman’s Tumbler, but at least you can drive this one on the streets. Imagine riding this home for the holidays this year. You’ll be a smash, but only if you live some place warm because even if it has a flamethrower, you’ll get a bit cold and wet if you’re not careful enough.

retro batmobile firefox batman classic superhero car

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Pixelated Comic Book Superhero Movie Posters: Let’s Hope the Movies Are as Awesome as These Posters

While I don’t know how good some of these movies will be, I know that hopes are high that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be awesome. Since Thor will lead Marvel Studios to their Avengers movie. I am unsure of the result, but needless to say these pseudo-pixel posters for these upcoming comic book superhero movies look pretty amazing.

pseudo michael myers thor green lantern avengers batman posters pixel

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Batpod Replica Doesn’t Look Exactly Like the Original, Still Kicks Ass

There have been a bunch of replicas of the Batpod, which was made famous in the most recent Batman movie The Dark Knight, but this is one of the rare ones that’s street legal. At least, I hope so.

batpod replica pspod chopper motobike motorcycle batman

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Aronosfky Hired To Direct Robocop And A Few Other Thoughts

MGM has hired Darren Aronosfky to direct the new Robocop movie, which will come out in 2010. It’s going to be a reboot/remake, not a next installment in the franchise. David Self will write the screenplay. I’d just like to say that Robocop was an extraordinary movie. When Criterion adds a movie to their collection, that means that it’s pretty darn good.

Now, about the remake/reboot business. I don’t know. They did the same thing with Batman and it was pretty successful. Robocop was a great movie, I must have watched it dozens of times as the years flew by.

Is Hollywood running out of ideas?

The current resurgence of super hero movies has already hit a plateau. Honestly, there are still some movies left to be produced that will be worth watching, but I wasn’t really that impressed with Iron Man or the new Hulk. X-Men 3 was also wobbly. The Spidey franchise is doing well. Superman kind of sucked in my book. Ghost Rider? Don’t get me started.

From the last two Marvel movies, I get the idea that the Avengers is next. Will it suck or rock?

Batman of course is doing nice and dandy, thanks to The Dark Knight, which was spectacular in my mind. I’ll watch it again on the weekend before I write my full review.

Another reboot which worked really well was the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. I really liked it, although the franchise has always been pretty successful. Speaking of which, Quantum of Solace isn’t far off. Does anybody else think that the 007 movies have great titles? Quantum of Solace, that’s a pretty sweet title!

Batman Movie Posters

In honor of the release of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, Abduzeedo has posted some cool Batman posters.

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