Jelly Batteries: Not for Eating (Unless You’re a Robot)

Researchers at the University of Leeds in the UK have invented some new batteries, that are smaller, cheaper, lighter and safer than current batteries. It’s also possible they will even last longer than what you presently have in your devices.

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How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your MacBook


Recently, Joelle told us on how you could maximize the battery life of your Apple products, but ever since I opened up my MacBook Pro 17 on Christmas Day, I’ve been researching on how to best use the battery of my new laptop. Here are the fruits of my research.

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Mobile Juicing: Power on the Go

With the amount of gadgets that the average person now has, it’s getting hard to rely solely on powering up your gadgets at home. Luckily, there are quite a few different mobile charging solutions available that will keep your gizmos all juiced up, no matter how far you are from the nearest power plug.

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Improved Lithium Ion Batteries Will Have 20-Year Lifespans

021010_rg_LithiumIon_01.jpgYou know how it goes: the battery in your laptop is running out of juice. You’ve had it for a few years and now you can barely function for 15 minutes without plugging it in. Well, it seems that Japanese company has made some incredible improvements up that.

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Sony’s New Batteries Have 4 Times the Power

081209_rg_sonybatt_01.jpgWe know that people would like to live without having to use batteries, but they are still necessary to power your gadgets, tools and gizmos. Sure, most devices have rechargeable batteries, but there are still a lot of them in your house that need batteries, from smoke detectors, to power tools, to stereos, to toys, and cameras.

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