Tag: BBUK 10

  • Big Brother UK S10E95 (Channel 4)

    I don’t follow entertainment news, but my wife told me that BBUK will have another season and then it will be canceled. Oddly enough, BBUS is doing fine. Personally, BBUS sucks, but I watch it anyway. I love BBUK. Sophie is called to the diary room. She will get a geography test. She has to […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E94 (Channel 4)

    Marcus asks Sophie if she nicked his cans. He calls her a dirty bastard. He says that he will vote for her this week. Marcus isn’t happy and Siavash says that it wasn’t cool. Sophie denies that she is responsible because she didn’t open the can. Charlie has come to the diary room. He says […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E93 (Channel 4)

    David tells Lisa that he’s never been to a gay pride event. Charlie comes to the diary to complain that Roddy is ignoring him. He’s got a love hate relationship with him. Later, Charlie confronts Roddy while he is in the pool. Roddy tells him that he is tired from last night. Roddy is also […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E92 (Channel 4)

    Preggers Sophie is in the diary room. She thinks that Kris was just using her for publicity. Sophie is still slurring her words. She says that she isn’t going to talk with Kris after she leaves the house. Lisa has come to the diary room to talk about David. She gets along very well with […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E90-91 (Channel 4)

    Bea checks out Lisa’s holes. David is in the diary room talking about Bea. He says that it’s hard because she doesn’t let things go, especially when she has had a drink.

  • Big Brother UK S10E89 (Channel 4)

    Marcus is called to the diary room. BB asks him how his relationships with the HM have changed. He thinks that Siavash is playing a game.

  • Big Brother UK S10E88 (Channel 4)

    For this week’s shopping task, the BBUK house has been transformed into a house of horrors. The HM have to decide what they are going to be disguised as. BB provided HM with costumes and makeup. There are gravestones in the garden. Throughout the task, a whistle will sound. Upon the sound of the whistle, […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E87 (Channel 4)

    With Siavash and Sophie refusing to nominate, BB has come up with an interesting way of deciding how they nominated. Bea tells Lisa that she is going home. It’s a numbers game and she will be nominated. Bea walks away. Marcus asks Lisa if she will vote for Bea. Bea has come to the diary […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E86 (Channel 4)

    Bea is going on about Charlie spitting in her face. She says that she is really offended. It’s all about Bea. They make up. Bea doesn’t know about Stevie Wonder nor Lenny Kravitz. Lisa tells Charlie to be careful not to go too far. The HM start receiving video messages from home. one by one […]

  • Big Brother UK S10E85 (Channel 4)

    Roddy and Charlie had another argument. He’s in the bath. Charlie and Bea are talking about him. David talks with Roddy. He tries to tell him that he shouldn’t react the way he did. Throwing water on someone is serious. He got it all over the place.